102 - Year of the Dragon

102 - Year of the Dragon
Biking around Ayutthaya this week

🇹🇭 Welcome to the Year of the Wood Dragon - 恭喜發財 - Kung Hei Fat Choi. Yet another sunny and warm week here in Bangkok. Over the weekend we had the annual Japan Festival here in town - cosplayers aplenty! Even as the celebrations for Chinese New Year are under way the shops and malls are making plans for a quick switch after CNY to Valentine's Day celebrations. Here in Bangkok they will never miss the opportunity to commercialise anything!

This week I have been out and about on several walks and bike rides. Also it was nice to meet up with some of my subscribers from around the world who are also visiting Thailand for a bit of winter warmth.

I had the pleasure of meeting and discussing with so many interesting people here this week, including: expats from China, a psychiatrist from Brazil, a Bitcoiner from Thailand and many others from around the world including Colombia, South Africa, India, Cyprus, Japan, Korea, Spain, Canada, UK and United States. Bangkok is taking hold as a great center of informed international discussion - rather like Hong Kong used to be.

V and I also had dinner out at one of the rooftop restaurants in town. Yes, I know that we have the rooftop experience every day on our high floor terrace (V is a great cook) but it was also nice to have a great Belgian meal served to us with a new view over the city. Sofitel here in Sukhumvit - worth a visit! Get there around 6pm during the week and you should be able to get a nice view; book for other times.

Book of the week

This week I had yet another book recommendation from V - how could I resist? I'll not spoil the plot for you and the reviews below should give you more than enough to help you make up your mind. Thanks to V for recommending!

Click for details and reviews

A few subscribers have recently been recommending books to me - including some that are outside my normal area. It is good fun to discuss these books together (before and after I have read them) and some of these recommendations have indeed been very good. Watch out as I will likely be including some of these in the weeks ahead. What are your top reads?

Insights of the week

Last year (2023), Richard had the privilege of interviewing a beautiful lady who brought the often confusing concepts of Common Law into clear understanding. Sadly, Karen-Ruth Skölmli, Ruth to her friends, passed away a few days ago. Tess Lawrie, a close friend, joins Richard to pay tribute.

We have a chance to listen to the interview Richard had with Ruth about her passion. This is a MUST LISTEN interview - just do it and reflect on the implications.

Listen carefully to Ruth, internalise this and understand the consequences

The Hierarchy of Laws that Ruth explains is in her diagram below. You can click the image below to go through to her free course. Common Law applies in many countries around the world, including England and Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India - see here for details.

Click for Ruth's free course - inform and educate yourself

It should be no surprise to you that, just as the Economics students and Medical Students have been misled and mis-educated for decades, so too Legal students have been misled to study and regurgitate odious legislation that obfuscates Natural Law and violates your inalienable rights.

Click below for yet another set of learning resources that you can use to educate and inform yourself.

Peace Keepers | Understanding your basic rights. Sign Up Now and start Keeping the Peace

Yet more freely available online resources - inform and educate yourself

Going forward, many people are becoming aware of this information that has been suppressed and they are starting to push back and challenge laws and regulations that violate Common Law. Of course the mainstream propaganda suppresses all of this and the Empire does everything possible to avoid allowing or establishing any precedent - seeking instead to threaten and/or bribe those involved to settle without any precedent being set. These are cracks in the dyke as Richard and Marc explain.

Cracks in the dyke - click to know more

Additional links below:

  1. What is the definition of common law? | Thomson Reuters
  2. Where our legal system comes from - Department of Justice
  3. Civil Law vs Common Law - Difference and Comparison - Diffen
  4. Legal system - 2021 World Factbook Archive - CIA
  5. Common Law Countries 2024 - World Population Review
  6. Common law - Wikipedia
  7. Online resources for common law countries: Further jurisdictions

More in this issue

  • Photo memories - around Bangkok and Ayutthaya this week
  • Project Updates - Getting off Zero, Contrarian views and Cashu-Address
  • Plenty of useful links - don't say nobody told you!
  • Closing out - Psychological experimentation and Eden

🛠️ Project Updates

Below I respond to questions about the projects and Bitcoin from people that I have met and discussed with recently. As usual I have here a few insights and updates that are relevant to my Bitcoin Scaling and Privacy projects.

Getting off Zero

In recent weeks I have had quite a few discussions with people who want to get some bitcoin but want to know how. Recall that I did give you a step-by step guide back in Newsletter #14 - it's easy - just make a start.

14 - Get Ready - Phoenix is an easy option...
Recently, quite a few people have been asking me about Bitcoin and how to get started with it practically - in real life. I put this summary together to explain the most important things that you need to know and I try to answer the most common questions. Hopefully you

Check here for step by step guide

Bitcoiners will tell you that it is up to you to decide how much is the right amount of bitcoin but zero is certainly not it. Also they will often advise that you try to have more bitcoin each month than you had the month before. Two pieces of good advice!

Another recommended technique is Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA). This is an investing technique that has been proven over the years to give better than average returns.

Imagine that you want to buy $150 bitcoin this month (or equivalent in your local currency). Don't buy it all in one go. Instead transfer the money to your exchange and then buy $5 every day. If the BTC price goes down each buy will get you more bitcoin. At the end of the month you will likely have more than $150 worth of Bitcoin due to the price fluctuations during the month. Then repeat the process for the next month.

Another benefit of buying over a one month period is that you become much more familiar with the tools and the steps that you need to follow. You will also become much more familiar with Bitcoin and how it works. Do not underestimate the positive effect of taking a month to learn without pressure.

For bigger investments, just scale the purchases - $10, $25 or $50 per day - or whatever amount you wish. If daily purchases are too hard, do them weekly instead, scaling appropriately. It's that simple.

Once you have any substantial amount on the exchange you should withdraw it to cold storage to avoid counterparty risk. It is bad practice to leave large amounts of bitcoin on an exchange. One of the key benefits of bitcoin is that you can easily have self custody of your asset and not depend on others to hold it for you.

What about the ETF?

A few subscribers have been asking about the ETFs that are now available in US (and many other countries). They can be interesting for people who want minimal fuss and they will often work as part of Tax-protected retirement funds.

However the downside is that you have counterparty risk - you have to trust the very system that is running the Ponzi. Another downside is that you cannot take possession of the underlying asset; you are required to sell it and take cash. I personally would never use any of these - DYOR and make your own decision.

Below is a fascinating article, written from a contrarian point of view. Whilst I recommend you read it - better still Guy will read it to you here, I disagree with the premise on which it is based. Guy's commentary explains rather well why we disagree. It is good for you to have this knowledge - I am sure that FUDders and mainstream propaganda will try to scare you with this soon enough; better that you be prepared.

Bitcoin is dead (long live IBIT.)
The ETF approval confers some traditional legitimacy to the asset class, and allows billions of dollars (or maybe $30 trillion according to…

Click to read - or Guy will read it to you here

The benefit of Bitcoin Proof of Work is not censorship resistance, rather distributed, decentralised and unstoppable consensus that works in an adversarial and low trust environment. Do not let the mainstream trick you.

For further insights on this refer back to Lyn Alden's Broken Money. You should understand very clearly how money really works and how proper commodity money is best for dealing between counterparties that do not trust eachother; then consider the world today.

Cashu-Address - how great is this!

A Cashu-Address is a Lightning Address accessible to all, merging the strengths of Lightning and Bitcoin eCash. No sign-up needed, and setup is almost effortless.

Thanks to its foundation on Cashu, Cashu-Address offers numerous advantages over standard custodial Lightning Addresses.

Your financial activities remain private from your custodian, and you’re free to select or change your custodian anytime.

Moreover, custodians cannot single out or censor individual users, while received payments will be locked to your public key, making Cashu-Address a forward-thinking choice in the world of custodial Lighting.

Because Cashu-Address is built with nostr in mind, your nostr public key is already a valid Cashu-Address!

⚡️npub1…@ cashu-address.com
Get a NIP-07 extension and give it a try: app.cashu-address.com
Wondering what Cashu-Address is? It’s a Lightning Address accessible to all, merging the strengths of Lightning and Bitcoin eCash. 🥜💜⚡️ No sign-up needed, and setup is almost effortless. Thanks to its foundation on Cashu , Cashu-Address offers numerous advantages over standard custodial Lightning Addresses: Your financial activities remain private from your custodian, and you’re free to select or change your custodian anytime. Moreover, custodians cannot single out or censor individual users, while received payments will be locked to your public key, making Cashu-Address a forward-thinking choice in the world of custodial Lighting. Because Cashu-Address is built with nostr in mind, your nostr public key is already a valid Cashu-Address. 🥜 ⚡️npub1…@ cashu-address.com Get a NIP-07 extension and give it a try: app.cashu-address.com But please keep in mind, Cashu-Address is still evolving. I encourage you to explore its features, but remember to proceed with caution and to not be reckless ⚠️💜

Click to educate yourself - I am actively testing this now - WIP

Note - this is still work in progress but the potential that this brings should make you think! This is just another example of the power of open source, collaborative development.

The following are links from my NetNewswire feeds - learn, enjoy and share.

What's happening in the world, why and what's next

You may well be shocked by Simon's explanation of what has gone on and is currently unrolling - not to mention what is in the pipeline. Simon explains clearly some of the many tools and tricks the Empire is using to try to keep the Ponzi running. You will also understand rather clearly why governments and central banks hate stablecoins. Forewarned is forearmed.

Click to listen and understand - Forewarned is forearmed

Simon is quite chatty but you would do well to listen carefully to what he explains. He does also offer copies of his book that you can download for free and I highly recommend getting and reading it.

For another view that supports Simon's statements above - click below and listen to George's recent video. Oh, the lies you have been told and they continue to spin!

Click for clarity

For George's full discussion on Twitter Spaces - click here. It is obvious once you see it. Once seen, it cannot be unseen. What sort of person are you?

Maverick explains that things are obviously not getting better any time soon, reflecting too what George G and others were telling us last week.

Click to watch

As he explains that there will be many zombies out this week giving public addresses to gaslight everyone. You have been warned.

15 minutes well spent

All of the above should help you to understand what Neil explains from the recent interview of Vladimir Putin by Tucker Carlson. He summarises the key points and after this you may well want to watch the full unedited interview. You will also understand that what Simon says above is obviously true and you may begin to see how things will evolve.

Click to watch - the unedited original is here

For the next level of detail (including a great summary of that history lesson), check denome's summary here - lots that you have not been told or realised before.

Recall our discussion back in Newsletter #16 - The Report from Iron Mountain

16 - Stop fighting!
No one can be told what The Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. Just a short one this week - I have been really busy with work and am now starting a few weeks off. Still on location at the moment. Hope to be getting back into

Refresh your memory on The Report from Iron Mountain

Speaking of Journalists

You may well feel some satisfaction that mainstream media seems to be collapsing with widespread layoffs of journalists who have done nothing useful for the last years - rather they spout whatever nonsense they are told to feed you.

However, worse is in the pipeline - with the journalists gone the mainstream will replace them with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can spout unlimited quantities of propaganda. Expect propaganda to explode in volume with the polycrisis under way and all the elections this year. Listen as Whitney explains:

The Age of Artificial Intelligence
In this episode, Whitney is joined by UH assistant and podcast producer Star to discuss key aspects of the AI “revolution” including its short and long term effects and if it is possible to use AI without succumbing to its negative impacts.

Click to know what is coming next on the propaganda front

Important to be aware of this and selective on your news sources - recall that RSS is your friend.

Calling all UK citizens

Take 2 minutes and sign this petition to the UK Parliament - this really is the least that you can do.

Petition: End the UK’s membership of the World Health Organization
The World Health Organisation is not a democratically elected body and we are concerned about the powers WHO may be given over Sovereign Nations in the future.

Click and help take this over 100k - this must be debated

Do nothing and you are complicit in the crimes committed

🤔 Closing Thoughts

A couple of things to close out this week - a challenging one that you may or may not be ready for and then yet more fascinating insights from Jason, with links to supporting evidence.

William Ramsey investigates

First is a pointer to William Ramsey's work. You will likely find this a challenging listen - you will understand that illegal and immoral psychological experiments have long been done to develop and refine techniques for people and population control. It was not just during WW2 that these things happened.

Click to listen

… and this is the latest in a a rather disturbing series of readings by William. He gives plenty of references to the original books so you can check out yourself.

Click to listen

Reflect for a few minutes about how these techniques and other similar ones have been used on you and populations over the last four years. Wake up.

Gobekli Tepe is not what you have been told

Secondly - a fascinating series insights from Jason that demonstrate clearly that some other things you have been told are not true. You likely have seen the "handbags" before. You certainly have not understood the significance and implications.

Gobekli Tepe was same culture as Catal Huyuk (likely new to you). All the tepes along with the Huyuk sites, Jericho and Easter Island (on the other side of the world) demonstrate similarities that cannot be ignored. Most ancient roots for "Paradise" in Iranian and Greek languages mean ‘walled enclosure.’ A garden - or as some decoders would say, "a den" that is "guarded". The Sumerian E.DINs were places man was banished from. That history began in 3895 BCE with the Adam and Eve Genesis reset, a worldwide destruction that sent mankind back to Year One. The tepes, like Gobekli Tepe, are located where the story began.

Click to inform and educate yourself

The supporting charts from Jason are here: World History Colour Chart Pack and his his Chronicon is here.

As further independent and corroborating evidence listen to this fascinating interview of Hugh Newman by Greg Carlwood. Hugh has visited many of the Tepe sites over the last years and continues to do so - sharing his findings:

Click to listen - we discussed this back in Newsletter #93

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No one can be told what The Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.
- Morpheus to Neo in The Matrix
How to escape the matrix - do you see it yet?
"99% of all subjects accepted the program if they were given a choice - even if they were only aware of the choice at an unconscious level"
- The Architect

You have to see it for yourself.

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