104 - Four years on...

104 - Four years on...
How strange! At EmSphere this week.

🇹🇭 This past week I have been taking things easy, recovering from the operation. During the week I had the stitches out and everything checks out OK. I am glad that I took the opportunity to do this now and the medical services here in Bangkok are certainly among the best in the world. It will still take me a few more weeks to be fully back up to speed. Thanks to all who reached out with their good wishes.

We are now four years on from "2-weeks to flatten the curve". I expect that if you have been following along here you are well awake to what is happening - good. You will likely then appreciate the interview of the week below and the interview that follows it.

You have probably noticed that things seem to have escalated or switched into a new gear of craziness in recent days. Rest assured: we are not yet at peak clown-world. For insights into that check Closing Thoughts below. There is much more in the pipeline and it is important not to get distracted or disheartened.

To get us all up to speed, check the Useful Links section - knowing these gets us all on a firm foundation. I have covered these before but I gather them here in one place for ease of access. In future newsletters I will continue to include both informative and practical links as well as sharing collaboration initiatives building on this foundation.

I also encourage you to support any of the projects that I cover in Project Updates. Feel free to reach out and discuss or ask any questions. Do also share this newsletter with anyone you think would benefit from it.

Interview of the week

Follow up to Jacqui's exposé of truth last week - Ros Nealon-Cook, a psychologist from Australia, had her license suspended for sounding the alarm (as she was legally required to do) about the harms to children from government pandemic policy. Ros has joined forces with a number health professionals from around the world who were similarly censored and silenced. Together, they have created The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration to raise awareness about the widespread propaganda and censorship of expert scientific opinion.

This is a fascinating interview - do not skip it - you will learn a lot of useful things

You can read and sign the declaration: www.lighthousedeclaration.world – adding your support will take less than a minute.

The Declaration - The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration
During the Covid era we have witnessed unprecedented censorship of health professionals and scientific opinion globally. As a result, many people in Australia

Click to show your support - many useful resources too

In the coming months, the Lighthouse Declaration team will host a series of webinars and roundtables to further expand the conversation on these critical issues.

And then this...

Cheryl Grainger explains what has been found in the latest Pfizer Documents Analysis reports.  Citizen investigators share what the government enquiries seem unable and unwilling to do. You will understand why Pfizer tried to keep all of this secret for 70 years.

The Covid–19 ‘vaccine’ manufacturers always knew what the serious adverse reactions would be, but so did the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

It is a litany of corrupt ‘regulation’, revolving doors, and ‘experts’ who are too busy turning a blind eye to notice the hundreds of thousands of serious adverse events and vaccine injuries and death. Fraudulent clinical trials are also exposed in this shocking revelation. This is organised crime in plain sight. 

Big Pharma—Organised Crime
What did the MHRA know even before the rollout of the Covid–19 vaccines? Has Dame June Raine bare-faced lied to us all? Where have all the missing people gone? Stolen lives, stolen data, and stolen time.

For details and all the supporting analysis refer to the Daily Clout (Investigations section, Reports 93, 94, 95 and 96) and the latest updates from the UK Situation Room.

More in this issue

  • Photo memories - around Sukhumvit this week
  • Project Updates - eCash, Mutiny, key management and secure file transfer
  • Plenty of useful links - getting everyone on a firm foundation
  • Closing out - Black swans and 1902

🛠️ Project Updates

I have been taking time this week to get hands on with a few projects and also in read-and-study mode. There is so much happening in the Bitcoin space these days that it really is hard to keep up.


This is brilliant! It demonstrates clearly how open source projects can collaborate the build systems to completely bypass the corrupt legacy infrastructure and also make things simple. This development gives everyone with a Nostr address a lightning address that can receive bitcoin with no sign up needed. You can transfer and withdraw either as Chaumian eCash or over Lightning.

Click to know more - this is amazing

I fully expect this technology and approach will get copied and refined into and alongside other scaling solutions, enriching them. For example: expanding Fedimints and/or in combination with some of the Liquid (L-BTC) developments as well as Cashu and Mutiny Wallet, the next project this week.


This week I have been testing and trying out Mutiny Wallet. This is an amazing piece of software, being a Progressive Web App (PWA) and so able to bypass the evil app stores. I also really like the philosophy of the dev team who are now in Madeira building with all of the Bitcoin Atlantis and Nostr folks. Listen and be amazed as Ben explains:

Click to understand more about this superb project - give it a go yourself

Particularly interesting that that Mutiny is looking to integrate with multiple scaling solutions (Fedimint, Cashu, Lightning etc) and to provide the simplest and best possible experience by combining them in a hybrid offering. This is collaborative open source development at its best.

Simplifying and improving Nostr security

One of the challenges that you will find once you go beyond your initial entry-level systems like primal.net is how can you access your private key securely so that it can be used in multiple other Nostr-based applications. So it is great that we now have solutions in addition to Pablof7z' nsecbunker.

Introducing nsec.app and nostr-login! I’ve shown the prototype of in December, and it’s essentially an nsecbunker in your browser. It is non-custodial - your keys are stored locally in the browser, and apps can get access to your keys using NIP46. We’ve now turned that prototype into a real thing, and I invite you to try it. Shoutout to @Niel Liesmons for the designs! Now how do we help Nostr apps adopt NIP46 for remote key access? That’s where nostr-login library comes in. If your app uses NIP07 to talk to a browser extension, then with just two lines of code you can make it talk over NIP46. Both of these tools support the new OAuth-like flow proposed by Pablo. Below you can watch a demo of how nostr-login (added to my fork of Snort) works with Nsec.app (or would work with any other nsecbunker). What this all means is that people could join Nostr on the web, without installing extensions or mobile apps, with their keys stored non-custodially in the Nsec.app, and then could log in to other Nostr apps without copying their private keys. Demo: Links: Snort+nostr-login: nsec app: nsec app server: nostr-login:

Click for the announcement and collaborative refinement

Click above and then read the comments - you will see collaborative open source development in progress - amazing.

How great is this!

This next one is something that everyone has likely wanted before but which evil "big tech" has always avoided providing so that they can deliver it only as part of their bigger offerings that you are required to buy or subscribe to. This is SO USEFUL!

What a simple idea - superbly implemented - see their FAQ here

They are open about the security features and their business model. This all seems solid to me for day-to-day transfers - and that will only get better when fully open-sourced.

We all know that these are "interesting times". You should also know that this has been long expected - some would say predicted. The links below give you a foundation of knowledge that everyone (who is awake) should have. In future newsletters I will be providing positive and constructive forward-looking links.

Murray Rothbard's Anatomy of the State - this is foundational to all of the books and other insights below. This is a short read (one hour) also available on free audiobook. It is required knowledge - you have no excuse.

William Rees-Mogg's The Sovereign Individual - foresaw very clearly what is currently happening - do get your own copy (book, kindle or audio). Chapters 10 and 11 relate to now and what's next.

Neil Howe's The Fourth Turning also foresaw the current decline and fall of empire and also hints at what's next with Spring following Winter. Click the link above - this gives the best summary and review of The 4th Turning that I have found.  Listen and learn - it is only 8 minutes!

Adam Fergusson's When Money Dies - recounts what happens when your national currency collapses. Look around you and you will recognise much of that this book describes. You can also listen to John Vallis discuss this in his book club.  Well worth a listen.

Saifedean Ammous' The Fiat Standard - explains how national currencies work today and how they are fundamentally broken, inevitably favouring those at the top, nearest to the money printer and disadvantaging everyone else. He outlines the many negative consequence of the current system. Look around you and you will recognise all that he describes.

Lyn Alden's Broken Money - gives you the complete A-Z of how money works and all the bad choices that governments can (and did) make. You will also understand how money really should work for a peaceful and prosperous society.

Click to watch extracts - the full lecture is here

Click above to watch Lyn's recent lecture given at Princeton University. She covers the history of money, the inherent problems in a centralised monetary system that have led to the broken money we have today and how Bitcoin, through it's decentralisation and digital nature, proposes to fix it.

Follow the money - do not believe the lies they tell you

The true purpose of “EQUITY” is to enable the World Health Organisation to oversee an enormous expansion of the corrupt Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex that is designed to generate F.E.A.R. in order to inject poisons into people who cannot afford to pay for their own, slow demise.

How Much Is This Going To Cost US?
EQUITY IS THE MAIN ISSUE THAT IS DRIVING THE WHO NEGOTIATIONS. The Working Group for Amendments to the International Health Regulations is scheduled to meet from March 4-15, 2024 to discuss EQUITY.

Click to inform yourself - this may well be a surprise to you

Whitney warns how the whole Right-Left paradigm (Conservative/Republican-Labour/Democrat) is simply the big money (Cantillionaires) funding all horses in the race and sprinkling in divisive topics to create confusion, complacency and compliance.

Listen carefully and wake up

Whitney is right that we absolutely need more fully decentralised tools - that is why I and others are working on the projects above and many more. What are you doing?

Do not be complacent - The Great Taking

In case you think "I'm fine", think again. You will like be shocked and horrified by what the empire already has in place and what they are doing their best to keep quiet and suppressed. Perhaps now you will understand why things are happening as they are:

Click for.clear explanation of the evil plan unfolding - WAKE UP

On the positive side, this can possibly be undone at US State and European Country level - click here for all the details and initiatives are under way to do so. Understand the three levels of obfuscation and the evil behind the banking lobby lawyers! Without property rights, you do really own nothing.

David is right that having this "in plain sight" does make all accredited financial advisors complicit and this will not be well received when the music stops.

Thoughtful discussion

Neil is back in Bangkok and he does seem to be seriously investigating Asia residence possibilities - smart! Listen to this rather thoughtful discussion and solid advice.

Click for a rather thoughtful interview

🤔 Closing Thoughts

I have a couple of closing items this week. The first is a follow up video from Jordan and the second is a long but fascinating presentation by Jason. Both of these will give you insights that you never realised before and they point out connections that have long been hidden and suppressed.

Beware the Ides?

You will likely agree with Jordan that something will break in March or April. You might be surprised by some of the other things and connections that he points out.

Click to watch - technical analysis starts at 23:45

You likely did not know this

If you believe that 1902 was just another ordinary year like any other, then this is the video you need to see.

1902 was The Hidden Reset when the Elite unleashed their companies and foundations: organisations suddenly appeared all over the world and suddenly within one year ‘new’ inventions were released to the public that are all still common in today’s society. Jason demonstrates to you that the Phoenix was perfectly on schedule in May 1902.

A long but fascinating data dump from Jason - so many coincidences is not possible

Recall our earlier discussion on breaking of The First Seal and the Second Seal. Realise too that events are unfolding as per the Olympic and Pythian Calendars for which March is the first month: Mar (1), Apr (2), … Sep (7), Oct (8), Nov (9), Dec (10), Jan (11), Feb (12). It is all rather obvious if only with hindsight.

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