110 - Sunny Belfast

110 - Sunny Belfast
QUB during a momentary sunny spell

🇬🇧 We had great weather over the weekend - Saturday and Sunday were nice and sunny, if rather chilly. We have been really busy with all sorts of family commitments every day. It was nice to have the Belgians visit us here and we did all have a good time at my Dad's birthday party. Luckily V was on top of their travel arrangements since there were plenty of last minute complications, mostly self-inflicted!

We also enjoyed our walk along the Lagan all the way up from Queen's Bridge to Shaw's Bridge with a stop off at the botanic gardens. With the sunny weekend weather it was pretty busy with walkers and bikers and we had a nice coffee in the sun at the Coffee Hut beside the squash club. Northern Ireland should be like this all the time!

BTW - if you ever need to get a watch repaired, strap or battery replacement, "Watch Lab" at Forrestside is the place to go. Best service and prices and a guarantee on the work. Recommended - just like Elvis in Hong Kong!

Tuesday evening we had the bitcoin meetup in Panama Cafe in Belfast. We had a super evening of information sharing with people from many different backgrounds. We got a few people started with their first bitcoin and discussed good educational resources - see Bitcoin Basics in Project Updates below.

We also did a few Cashu Demos - amazing people that you can exchange bitcoin with Text messages. If you missed it or want to try it - check here for step by step instructions; I will send you your first bitcoin.

I made a few interesting contacts with authors and researchers and I will be exploring their work in the weeks ahead. Check out Bitcoin Belfast and RichardA. Some of the participants will be at CheatCode in Bedford, April 12th and 13th - if you are near you might want to go too.

I also managed to catch up with some school friends here. Unfortunately we missed the nice weather but we had a very pleasant walk and talk along the shore of Belfast Lough. About 43 years since we were last together!

Do read to the end of the newsletter this week - I have included that famous clip of Morpheus to Neo. Do watch it - perhaps now you can understand? Even if you know it, watch it again and you will find something new.

Eclipse next week

Remember that we have a total solar eclipse next week Monday 8th. It is visible mainly in North America though folks in Ireland and Scotland might catch the tiniest glimpse at the tail end of it - if it is not cloudy as usual.

More on this in Closing Thoughts below. You may well be surprised and for good measure I end with something positive that you will want to know.

Click for all details of timing and visibility in your location

Thought for the week

There are many elephants in the room today; it is as though the media conditions the public to ignore the elephants and discuss everything else.

Imagine if, in 2019, you were to try to explain hidden motives and drives that could create behaviour change on a scale never witnessed or imagined. Not many would think it a reasonable suggestion. With most having had a front seat over the last four years, it has now become an archaeological exercise.

It has never been more important to acknowledge “the elephant in the room”
An article by David Charalambous to support our conversation on MIND CONTROL

Click and read, wake up and share this

More in this issue

  • Photo memories - Belfast and Holywood this week
  • Project Updates - Bitcoin Basics and Dev team review
  • Plenty of useful links - don't say nobody told you!
  • Closing out - Total Solar Eclipse and The Purge, FYI DYOR

🛠️ Project Updates

The following are updates from some projects that I am following, supporting and collaborating with. What are you doing?

Bitcoin Basics

This week I am sharing with you a great article from one of my subscribers. Understanding bitcoin takes time since it counters the collective indoctrination to which everyone has been subjected.

It is a one hour read - just do it. He identifies many good sources of information that you can use to go further. He also gives practical suggestions on getting started when you want to go further.

Bitcoin Basics: Key Information for Beginners - DNComply.com
Learn the essentials of bitcoin in less than an hour. Discover what makes this technology an unprecedented store of value.

Highly recommended for those who want to know more

Recall that we have discussed much of this back in Issue #14 in May 2022. In this article I also include step by step instructions to get you going.

14 - Get Ready - Phoenix is an easy option...
Recently, quite a few people have been asking me about Bitcoin and how to get started with it practically - in real life. I put this summary together to explain the most important things that you need to know and I try to answer the most common questions. Hopefully you

Recall our discussion of May 2022

As I mentioned above, finding a local bitcoin meetup is also one of the best things that you can do to educate yourself and get going. Find them on meetup.com

Dev team review

This week we also had the tri-weekly dev team review. I just love these meetings. They are the absolute best way to keep up with all that everyone is building and doing.

Click for the meeting note and recording of all the discussion

A few highlights include the following but do check out the full notes:

  • Umbrel 1.0 - this is a great system to allow you to run your own bitcoin node and many other useful self-hosted open source applications as well. Recommended in combination with a second-hand linux system.
  • Robosats - introducing the RoboSats Federation, a decentralised system of independent coordinators to host orders, enhancing the platform's robustness and user experience. This version is a significant step towards decentralisation, allowing users to interact with any coordinator seamlessly. This complements Bisq2 (discussed last week).
  • Phoenixd from Acinq - this is a game-changer! Phoenixd operates similarly to Phoenix Wallet but is designed for server use, offering an HTTP API and automated liquidity management for receive-heavy applications. Key features include “infinite inbound” liquidity from the network’s largest node and minimal configuration requirements, making it highly accessible for developers. Lightweight and compatible with multiple operating systems, including Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  • Mutiny Wallet - this is a major release, including all of the developments done in Madeira. Too many things to list here - just click through and check the full list. You will begin to see how Nostr, Cashu and Fedi are emerging as the game-changing combo.
  • Speaking of Cashu - Multinuteral payments: “Pay a single Lightning invoice from eCash balances on multiple Cashu mints”
    • Allow a single Lightning invoice to be paid from eCash balances across multiple Cashu mints using Lightning multi-path payments (MPP) to achieve atomicity.
    • Payments can now be made through multiple small transactions from different mints, all of which either succeed or fail together, without inter-mint communication and invisible to the receiver.
    • This innovation eliminates the need for inter-mint coin control, allowing wallets to display a unified balance across all mints and simplifying the payment process for the user.

The following are links from my NetNewswire feeds - learn, enjoy and share.

Pure Evil

This one surprised even me. I did not think this was possible on iOS but it seems that by acquiring and Israeli company, Facebook managed to embed VPN software into their app that had the capability to intercept and divert network traffic, even from other apps on the phone. This allowed them to decrypt and monitor traffic from all users - among other things giving them commercial advantage against competing apps (eg "tbh"), but think too about the invasion of privacy and what else they have captured.

Unthinkable evil - and they knew what they were doing

Personally, I have no Facebook apps on my phones and use only the browser based version when I need it and then only in a secure browser.

Foreseeable events

This should make you think. Consider what we now know about Second Seal.

...when unexpected major events like natural disasters, government travel restrictions or weather events impact their ability to stay at a location
An update on our Major Disruptive Events Policy
As part of our ongoing efforts to support travelers, we are introducing updates to our Extenuating Circumstances Policy, including renaming it to the Major Disruptive Events Policy.

How about that…?

Better Options

It should be apparent to you by now that the Empire is doing everything possible to restrict, surveil and control what you do online. Below are a couple of thing to keep in mind that you might want to try.

  • Avoid Windoze - Microsoft is pure evil, requiring personal identification and the terms and conditions that you are required to accept in their latest releases allow Microsoft to remove or restrict your access to the PC and all your data if/whenever they wish.
  • Even Apple Mac cannot be trusted- whilst based on Unix and somewhat better than Windoze they add proprietary elements that surveil and have the possibility to restrict your use in future - eg Gatekeeper - of course they will say this is for your convenience and safety!
  • Avoid using Apps on your phone as much as possible - these have much greater surveillance and control possibilities than browser-based access. This is why I am a fan of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) - such as Mutiny Wallet; these remove your dependency on Empire App Stores that will eventually control and restrict what you can do - even more than they already do.
  • Consider using a De-Googled phone - eg CalyxOS or Graphene. A.s we discussed before CalyxOS is probably the easiest one to start with
  • Linux systems can be more private and secure. Everywhere I go I make sure to have a Linux Laptop available. These are already more secure and private. To go the extra mile use Tails. Suitable machines are readily available, recycled from corporate use - Lenovo laptops are great and the Dell Optiplex systems make great servers. They are very affordable and cheap to upgrade to 1TB SSD system drive and 16GB RAM.

Extinction Level event

Happy as you might be to see the liars that are mainstream so-called "journalists" being laid off en-masse, be aware that their replacement will be AI story-teller programs that will write whatever the Empire says in unlimited quantity.

Good riddance - but watch out for the replacement

It is for this reason that it is important to support true independent journalists like Peter, Whitney and others that I often cite here.

Paradigm shift

When you start going down the “what is money?” rabbit hole, debt quickly comes into focus. You try to understand what it is, how it works, and why the world has so much of it and seemingly more by the second. Eventually you’ll discover that the “money” we use today is mostly just debt, created by banks when they make loans, and treated the same as the cash in your wallet.

Until too many people try to withdraw their “money” from the bank, and the bank doesn’t have nearly enough cash to meet the withdrawals and collapses into insolvency. Which it always was, only no one realised who was swimming naked until the tide went out.

Money As Equity
We use debt as money, but is that really the best system?…

Click for an interesting thought experiment

Bitcoin is different - consider it as Equity and see what happens…. This is also an effective vote against the lunacy of the Empire - every vote really does count.

Speak now - or forever hold your peace

Everyone (worldwide) is encouraged to submit a public comment to the Office of Global Affairs regarding the proposed "Pandemic Treaty" and the amendments to the IHR. Silence represents tacit acceptance.

Public Comments Now Being Accepted
Everyone (worldwide) is encouraged to submit a public comment to the Office of Global Affairs regarding the proposed “Pandemic Treaty” and the amendments to the IHR. Please do so A.S.A.P.

Speak now - or forever hold your peace

🤔 Closing Thoughts

This week I again have a couple of closing thoughts. The first is part two from Jason presenting what he has discovered to be the intent around ritualising the upcoming solar eclipse. Finally I have a rather short and succinct explainer on some key wisdom that you ought to know.

Solar eclipse - part two

In his first video (last week) we learned that the South American eclipse was the epicentral day that allows for us to see that all three total solar eclipses over the Americas are interrelated and that they connect to a death/rebirth cycle for the United States which is itself connected to both the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, the Chesterfield vaccine manufacturing plant and the vaccine itself.

After having made last week's video, Jason discovered yet more synchronicities or "coincidences". As he explains, these are beyond all possible coincidence and demonstrate malicious intent and premeditation combined with ritualisation and predictive programming of the masses.

Click for Part 2 - not for beginners

My expectation is that the day itself may well pass with few or relatively minor incidents but that in the days and weeks following it the evil intent will manifest in ways that will be obvious with hindsight. We also have the Second Seal to look forward to, in combination with the Olympics.

For completeness - you might want to watch Jordan's expectations (more synchronicities than you would believe), Howdie's expectations and Static-in-the-Attic's tongue-in-cheek analysis.

If you start to find all of this overwhelming - recall Isaiah's Job.

Wise words

Lastly this week - another one from Wise Quotes. You may or may not have heard of the Gospel of Thomas. This is one of many (about 45) books that were removed from the Bible and banished from Western philosophy and religion. A few copies were hidden to prevent destruction, only to be discovered in 1945 as part of the Nag Hammadi find.

Listen carefully to this short explainer and reflect on the implications. Consider that these messages are indeed foundational to Buddhism as we have discussed before. Perhaps you can see the deception? Recall Caesar's Messiah.

Click for an short, life changing explainer

No need to take my word for it - you can read the Gospel of Thomas here and if you do your own searching and research on this topic you will learn lots.

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No one can be told what The Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.
- Morpheus to Neo in The Matrix

Click to watch - maybe now you are ready and can see it?

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