123 - Marching ahead

123 - Marching ahead
At the City Hall...

🇬🇧 V and I are back in cold and rainy Belfast for a bit. The weather is living well down to expectations. Every day has started cloudy and cold, usually with what the locals call mistle - a combination of mist and drizzle! When we were here last year I had to remind you then that there a 7 types of rain here - this might well be the 8th!

73 - There are 7 types of rain
🇬🇧 Summer weather in Belfast continues as usual. Cool and mostly cloudy with frequent showers, heavy at times. I think it has rained every day since we got here. The locals say that there are 7 types of rain here: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ... I was chatting with a subscriber in Sydney

Click to remind yourself of the 7 rain types - then read down to what Ford Prefect says

We have got settled into our apartment in Belfast - it's very nice, with a view over the golf course. It ought to have really good transportation links to get wherever we need but NIR seems to be doing everything possible to render their services fully useless - all in the name of Grand Central Station. Bad as it is for us, it is likely worse for those in Lisburn and beyond! If you are impacted by this nonsense let me know what you think about it?

As part of settling in we have taken out a subscription at the local sports center, so we have swimming pool, gym and yoga available as needed. We will be building up our routine, like we did in Mallorca - we still need to find out what works given all the other commitments we have while we are here.

Tuesday I was happy to join an ad-hoc bitcoiner meetup. It's always great to meet bitcoiners everywhere. We had some very interesting discussion - it's good to hear local perspectives at first hand and I got the opportunity do so some thorough demos of Cashu - Cashu is getting better and better as you can read in the project update.

BTW - I am happy to meet up with all newsletter readers here in Belfast as well as anyone else that I know - just reply on this email or reach out if you want to meet. Contact details here.

In the coming week we will have the (im)famous "twelfth" or "Orangemen's Day" that commemorates the victory of William of Orange over King James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.   Maybe it is time to move on?  Consider this - it ought to make you think - and you ought to click back to what I wrote one year ago:

72 - Marching season
🇬🇧 Here in Belfast this week it was time to put on your marching shoes and march to the field behind the band as part of the parade. July 12th, the “Twelfth” or “Orangemen’s Day” commemorates the victory of William of Orange over King James II at the Battle of the

Do check back to what I wrote a year ago - it is a treasure chest of relevant wisdom

Do also check out some rather startling insights on the Irish economy - obviously this does nothing to simplify the situation - it's all by design.

This week I have got a great documentary for you to watch - it is from 2012 and you will likely be rather surprised. Following that I'm sharing a fascinating monologue on anacyclosis - the presenter may seem somewhat unconventional but the material is highly relevant to what is going on around you today. Cashu and Nostr updates feature in the project section with plenty of interesting links. Lastly, a couple of items to close - one for beginners, one advanced (remember you can always come back to this later when you are ready).

Documentary and Monologue of the week

Four Horsemen is a 2012 British documentary film directed by Ross Ashcroft. You may well wonder how come you have not seen it before (hint: it has been suppressed and hidden from you) - and you might wonder how different things would be if more people had seen it. It is never too late to do the right thing.

The film describes the system of fractional reserve banking, debt-based economy and political lobbying by banks, which it regards as a serious threat to Western civilisation. We have discussed here many times: usury is one of the worst sins and your government and the empire commit this every single day against you in the form of Crony Capitalism that inevitably mutates into Marxism and Communism.

You will find likely this a provocative and challenging watch - but do watch it.

Click to watch - this is one of the best explainers - once seen you cannot unsee it

You ought to see clearly now: Fix the money, fix the world

You will recognise it when you see it

Next up is a long watch but I recommend it wholeheartedly; it is in two parts - watch them both. Political and astrological cycles are taking us towards a world of stagnation, conformism, and authoritarianism alleviated by moral libertinism and underground revolutionary resistance. You might be surprised that this story is well-known (historically) and well-documented.

This is Fascinating Monologue - click to watch - (pro tip use 1.5x speed)

This monologue is so interesting - I learned so much from it and I offer it to you to learn likewise. He clearly masters all of this material and you have got to appreciate his eloquence in sharing it so well and understandably. He also explains your options and you ought to pay attention. Choose wisely.

More in this issue

  • Photo memories - Back in Belfast this week
  • Project Updates - Nostr and Cashu - a match made in heaven
  • Plenty of useful links - don't say nobody told you!
  • Closing out - Pyramids in China & parable of the prodigal son

🛠️ Project Updates

The following are updates from some projects that I am following, supporting and collaborating with. These are all part of the Parallel Systems that we need to build and use. What are you doing?

Don't sleep on Nostr

You may well be aware that I am a strong supporter of Nostr as (among other things) a replacement for the big-tech-captured social media that is otherwise thrust upon us. You would do well not to sleep on this information. Listen and learn from this great interview of Miljan by Stephan.

Click to watch and learn - you can reach me here on Primal

Just one example of how Nostr helps make the decentralised infrastructure better and more resilient is one of Calle's recent developments. Click below to learn he and the team are working to remove the (apparently mandatory, but not really) dependency on DNS. All of this is strengthening Cashu as a means of transferring value, just like real cash - independent of the empire.

calle 👁️⚡👁️ (GM core dev)
Two things that we’re building: - There are going to be Cashu mints that will only be reachable via Nostr. They won’t have IP addresses but npubs. - There are going to be Cashu wallets that synchronize state across devices via nostr. No cloud. Not everyone will like this but it doesn’t matter because it can’t be stopped.

Calle and team are knocking it out of the park!

If you have had your ears open in the last week, you will realise that the empire is not beyond using DNS as a means to target open-source projects, especially in the Bitcoin Scaling area. This is why projects like this are so important. More from Calle on this topic: here.

Nostr Apps abound

In case you were wondering - "What can I do with Nostr?" - just click below and find the app that you need. Remember that all of these are accessed using your pubic/private key combination that you have complete control over. There is no central evil owner like you have with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all of the other so-called "social media".

Click to view the Nostr App ecosystem

Yes - it is still early days but you can see above nearly 100 applications that are available and free to use today. So, what are you doing?

Do reach out to me if you have any questions. One app that I would like to highlight is Flockstr. This is a replacement for meetup.com and Eventbrite, two applications that you have likely come to hate if you have been forced to use them - now you have an alternative. Give it a whirl!

Own your flock

Click to try out Flockstr in replacement of meetup.com

The following are links from my NetNewswire feeds - learn, enjoy and share.

Smoke and mirrors

This is a fascinating explainer of how the banksters and corrupt politicians have gaslighted and blindsided the Irish population into becoming an exploited nation, stuck between a rock and a hard place.

You ought to be well aware that GDP is an intentionally misleading number that the empire uses to keep the masses confused and docile. This video explains it all rather clearly.

Click to watch - lies, damned lies and statistics

Peter says it like it is

Peter is such an interesting person to listen to - he is well informed and very articulate in his inimitable style. We normally listen to his short, sharp monologues - this one is an interesting and in-depth conversation. Listen and learn.

0:50 - El Salvador, 13:42 - Mass immigration and nationalism, 17:51 - Trump’s rumoured tariff plan, 24:49 - Media and education, 30:56 - Countering lies, 38:10 - Headwinds for next election, 45:40 - Dedollarisation, 50:42 - Has the melt up already started, 1:00:27 - Feeling the inflation, 1:06:42 - Bitcoin and Trump, 1:16:44 - Presidential debate, 1:21:35 - Back to tariffs and taxes

As Matt Odell says: "It's Mandibles and then Bitcoin Standard…"

They also discuss Adam Fergusson's When Money Dies that recounts what happens when your national currency collapses. Look around you and you will recognise much of that this book describes. You can also listen to John Vallis discuss this in his book club.  Well worth a listen.

Well that was a surprise - NOT!

Listen as Peter explains how California discovers the reality of Austrian Economics. When the government introduces a minimum wage they make it illegal for people to work for less than that amount and were you to try to do that that would be illegal, making all those people legally unemployable. This kills all the open jobs and makes people have to pay more for services using those that remain.

Click to watch - and Peter's latest insight is here

The Government is the problem

Nigel sums things up pretty clearly. By the time you read this the (s)election in the UK will have happened. You will know yourself what role you played in this and whether you are now complicit in the next wave of crimes.

Nigel sums things up pretty clearly - click to watch

BTW - the same logic applies to France and the USA. All of these (s)elections are designed to fabricate consent and support for "the system" and also to divide people up against eachother. Recall that I grew up in Belfast in the 1970s and we all know how that worked as well as what it took to finally end the miserable nonsense (for now).

Adobe is the most corrupt and evil company

Yet another example of end of empire behaviour. Like JCristina and many others I deleted all Adobe products from my workflow and computers years ago when they switched to a subscription-only pricing model. We could all see the writing very clearly on the wall and we opted out to use other, less evil products instead. How about you?

Sasha has just got round to realising how evil Adobe is - he is pretty outspoken about it and rightly so.

Sasha is (rightly) very annoyed - Adobe is pure evil

But wait - as I have explained to you before this is but the tip of the iceberg. All of the "big tech" products that require you to register and give all your personal details are or will soon be behaving likewise. Microsoft is next to reveal its true evil. Listen as Henry explains. Don't get me started on their Recall "product".

If you are still using Microsoft for anything it is more-than-time to reconsider. Note that Apple is only marginally better and I believe them to be equally evil, just not yet so blatant about it. Don't say that nobody told you.

🤔 Closing Thoughts

A couple of closing thoughts this week. The first from MLB is pretty straightforward although you will likely be rather surprised; it may well help you and others to see things more clearly. The second one from Jason follows on from the discussion we had a few weeks ago on the parable of The Prodigal Son - it's probably not for beginners but if you are curious - go for it and let's discuss!

Why do they show this now?

Today, MLB locates massive Pyramids in China. Pyramids, that we have been told are just hills. Hills that have parallel layered stone walls. Hills that we are being told are from 200 million years ago by a guy who sat up nicely in the front row...for far too long. It's time to investigate these so-called hills. It's time so see them for what they are...Pyramids.

Click to watch - who knew?

It does indeed seem curious that so much information like this is now becoming exposed and more readily available. WDYT?

Being Immortal in a Fallen World

Those of you who have been following along with an open mind and anyone who grew up in Belfast in the 1970s (or one of the other proxy war-zones) should recognise rather clearly what Jason explains here.

Yet more insights on the parable of the prodigal son and on interconnectedness. Once you are ready you will see and understand all this rather clearly - you will even wonder why you never saw it before.

When read, click to watch - backup copy here

Those who are moored to Source share a wealth of traits the masses of the Lost do not share. These differences alienate these Immortals from the Collective and help them in ways that astonish those who observe their deeds and behaviour. The world is home to multitudes of underdeveloped and stagnated souls stuck in life-sims but it is a place of pilgrimage to the Immortal. The world fears a soul that cannot be controlled, and the Immortal passes through this Construct instilling fear while feeling none. "You will know them by their fruits," was as true 2000 years ago when stated as it is today.
~ Jason Breschears

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