82 - Moving on again

82 - Moving on again
₿ is for BOSA

🇮🇹 Public transport around Sardinia is good.  Over the weekend we made our trip up to Bosa.  Bosa is very walkable with a few impressive sites and it may indeed be the most beautiful town in Sardinia.  It is somewhat reminiscent of Mykonos and Santorini with buildings being colourfully painted.  There are certainly plenty of shady streets with cafes to relax and chat and the Bosa Marina is nearby with a huge beach and all you would expect or need.   I also met up with a local bitcoiner in town and we had a most interesting chat, brainstorming and exchanging ideas - more on that below.

A funny story on the way back from Bosa.  The bus stopped to pick up a bunch of seven tik-tok generation travellers who were obviously camping around the island.  They were unable to pay for their tickets because none of them had any cash change - one had a €100 note and another had two €50 notes.  Clearly these folks are lost if they cannot use their phone for something.  Of course all the other passengers on the bus could not have been more helpful as many stood up to help.   There are lessons here - as we have discussed before, prosperity comes only when people are collaborating together; do not let your government and empire propaganda set you against those around you - rather unite against the evil that is government.

Midweek we did another Segway tour - this time out to the lighthouse.  This was another fantastic trip with some cycle track, road and tracks.  We are now qualified Segway drivers!  Recommended when you visit - Book here.

We have really enjoyed our stay here in Sardinia.  It has been a real surprise to us, even after Madeira, Mallorca and Malta.  The pace of life here is rather relaxed; it is clearly island life as it should be.  Our apartment has been one of our favourites from all our stays - it is perfectly designed, spacious and we have really enjoyed the great kitchen and our sunny terrace.  And it is centrally located near everything you need in town - including the local markets.

Pretty pleasant all year round

In case you wonder how this compares with HK - see here; Cagliari is just a little cooler than HK in the winter and it is certainly much less humid.  Worth to keep in mind!

This will be our last update from Sardinia for now as we are moving on again.  Do say Hello if we pass nearby.  Next week, Holywood and Belfast albeit only in transit.

Book of the week

I have long appreciated David Icke and his persistence to share his knowledge and insights in the face of unprecedented venom from his haters.  He is certainly (in)famous, most recently  since he was banned from going to any European country by the corrupt Dutch government.  This was in response to his being invited to come and speak at a Peace Rally in the Netherlands - clearly he is "close to the target".   Shortly after that he fell and dislocated his shoulder and was required to rest at home so he used his time to write his latest book in which he summarises all his work and findings from more than 30 years of research into one book that he reads to you himself.  This book is a MUST READ.

Recommended reading - get your copy today

I absolutely recommend that you get this book and read or listen to it.  You will be shocked and appalled at how accurate his predictions were for what happened with Covid and that is only Chapter One.  He goes MUCH FURTHER.  He may or may not be right on everything he says, but even if he is right on 10-20% the implications should make you think very differently on many things.  Anyone with a bit of critical thinking in their head should be able to see many of the points he makes - the evidence is all around you.

You will find some of this content hard to believe but consider carefully his explanations and analogies - for example that of the Radio or TV station and consider this in the spirit of Ethical Skepticism as we have been discussing in recent weeks.   See also Max's video below on next-level - you will find plenty of supporting evidence from current-day events.

Among other things, David acknowledges the work of Jason Breschears and many others; indeed this book is a treasure trove of references to supporting material that he encourages you to investigate yourself.

Have you read this or any of his other books.  WDYT?  Happy to discuss.

More in this issue

  • Photo memories - one last trip around the Island
  • Project Updates - is for BOSA and saving access to your digital content
  • Plenty of useful links - don't say nobody told you!
  • Closing out - an eye-opening explainer of the Allegory of the Cave

🛠️ Project Updates

The following are updates from some projects that I am following, supporting and collaborating with.  What are you doing?

₿ is for BOSA

As I travel around the world, I take every opportunity to meet and discuss with local bitcoiners.  These are some of the the most interesting and forward-thinking people you can meet.  So I was happy to meet with with a bitcoiner here who has a vision for his town of Bosa to become the bitcoin center of Sardinia and even Italy - rather like Lugano is for Switzerland.  The goal is to create an active circular bitcoin economy that everyone is welcome to participate in.

We had a most enjoyable chat in the beautiful surroundings of Bosa town, brainstorming some ideas.  Learning from others it seems useful to work top-down and bottom-up, noting that bitcoin spreads best bottom-up. What do you think?  What suggestions can you give?  

Top-down:  You can learn a lot from how Paolo and his team worked with Lugano town and the mayor to get the project up and running.  Listen to this interview of Paolo by Stephan and read more here.

Bottom-up: You can learn also from how Bitcoin Beach grew in El Salvador to the level of national adoption and legal currency.  For example: imagine you produce beer that you sell to the tourists who visit and in the local market.  You can simply start accepting bitcoin as payment and advertise that you accept bitcoin with the "Bitcoin Welcome Here" logo.   This will trigger interest among other sellers who will see this generating extra business and providing the other benefits of bitcoin as better cash.  You can also work with your suppliers and offer to pay them in bitcoin instead of cash.   Another useful tool can be Lightning cards - these are an easy way to get people up and running with some bitcoin that they can immediately use and they are easy to top-up any time.

Peer-to-Peer: One of the important aspects of circular economies is that there be ready convertibility between local cash and bitcoin; there are many reasons why people may need or prefer cash or vice versa.  The easiest way to do that is with a person to person swap - just as you would ask someone to give you change for a €100 note (like we did on the bus for those tik-tok travellers).  I have shared with you previously handy guidelines that help with bitcoin-cash swaps:

Peer to Peer guidelines
Being able to swap bitcoin for local cash or vice versa is an important skill. There are several tools that make this possible - the simplest being a peer-to-peer trading group. Often these will exist around physical meetups - for these and in case you need to use online messaging
Click for handy guidelines

So - what other ideas do you have?  Let me know and if you are interested to participate or support this project in any way, let's discuss further.

Saving access to your eBooks and digital content

You will likely recall that I have warned you that Amazon cannot be trusted to keep your access to digital content that you have purchased and (mistakenly) think you own.   Dig into their terms and conditions and you will find evil beneath the surface and they have swathes of people working to implement Digital Rights Management (DRM) that will lock you out of your material whenever they decide is the right time.

They have been caught before removing content that people have downloaded from their Kindles - what a surprise (not) that they picked George Orwell's 1984 to demonstrate this capability.

Nowadays they release software upgrades that allow them to implement new DRM and to swap any content that you have downloaded to a newly protected version - without telling you.  This new version may even contain modified text (recall Orwell's 1984 and how the Empire rewrites history as it goes).  Of course they will say that it is in the "revised terms and conditions" that you agreed to by continuing to use the Kindle; this is truly evil and customer-hostile.  You have likely noticed all cloud-service providers using similar tactics - this is creeping fascism.

Anyway - if you have content that you want to retain your access to, you may well want to make a backup into a tool that allows you permanent access to material that you purchased.  This is what Calibre does, along with a couple of Plugins.

How to Remove DRM From Kindle Books [DRM-free books 2023 ]
If you want to open Kindle AZW files in other software, you’ll need to know how to remove DRM from Kindle books.

Be very hesitant about any software upgrade around Kindle and DRM content.  For example, Amazon will try wherever possible to give you the .KFX version of a book; KFX is not breakable with current tools - since it allows Amazon to dynamically change encryption keys and any time it gets broken they just upgrade it.  You want the .AZW3 versions of your books.  Currently you can still get these from amazon.com - Content & Devices: select your book and then click on More Actions/Download & transfer by USB; you will need to pick one of your kindles (the older the better) since its serial number will be used to decrypt the material.

If you are running on an M1 mac, you also need DeDRM 10.0.3 - not the latest version.  https://github.com/noDRM/DeDRM_tools/releases/tag/v10.0.3

I will also be booking into how to backup your Audible.com content since it is also Amazon owned and cannot be trusted.  You will recall that I have already had issues with them and you should avoid them if there is any other choice possible.

The following are links from my NetNewswire feeds - learn, enjoy and share.

Hunger Games - can you see it yet?

Maverick does another great weekly summary and outlook - WDYT?  He does have a particular talent for seeing and explaining things as they are.  Pay attention to Roger McNamee's interview!  Ignore this at your peril...

Click to watch...

Ivan explains how he and his millennial friends see things - WDYT?

Escape Dumb Digital

Richard shares what many think.  He is absolutely right.  If giving up your phone is too hard then be sure to run a de-googled phone with the least possible number of apps and avoid any of the Silicon Valley apps.  Go for FOSS (Free and Open Source) apps wherever possible.

Click to watch

In case it is not clear to you, mobile phones will be used to enforce Digital-ID and giving the Empire the ability to monitor and control what you are doing and who you are with.  If that sounds far-fetched, think back to Covid passports and contract tracking - it has already been done to you and proven.  Never forget.  This is why, much as I like Apple ecosystem, I just do not trust Apple.  If you need a minimal smartphone, go for the Pixel with CalyxOS (or GrapheneOS) installed instead of Android.

Things are about to go next-level

Max explains rather clearly what is happening and what's next.  Just consider that example he starts with - if a teenager now can build  such a powerful laser weapon in his garage from spare parts what do you think your government has up their sleeve to use on you?  Maui proves they have no hesitation to do so.

Click to watch and share

As Max explains, if you live in Australia YOU MUST VOTE NO in the upcoming Voice Referendum.  This is an attempt by the illegal and corrupt government to gain the ability to rewrite the Australian constitution in their favour and you must reject it.

Concerning what happened in Maui - it is becoming increasingly clear that was an attack on the population by their own government and military.  Try as they might now to "blame the Chinese", it was certainly not the Chinese who prevented people leaving, or turned off the water.  Think critically, folks - this was an attack on the people by their own government.  Plenty more evidence in the video above.

Where is your line in the sand?  Has this not been crossed yet?  At 1h40 max gives you some very practical advice.

🤔 Closing Thoughts

We have discussed before that if something is true, it can be seen from multiple perspectives and by independent researchers using their own findings and sources.  So it is here here with The Allegory of the Cave.   Listen to this extract from Howdie Mickosksi's book "Exit the Cave", read by himself.

Click to listen to Howdie's book extract

In this chapter he does a much deeper dive into the allegory that you have likely heard before.  He suggests that you might want to consider too the lessons from The Truman Show - this too I strongly recommend; in case this is too hard for you he does take you step by step.

In the book overall he independently confirms many of the findings from David Icke's analysis and he provides many additional links to other sources and reference material.  DYOR and do not say that nobody told you.  Some things are only obvious with hindsight - once seen they cannot be unseen; the question is: what do you do next?  This really ought to make you think.

In researching the above, I also came across After Skool's collaboration with Agrippa's Diary.  I recommend that you check out both of these.  The AS video is very clear and comprehensive and it extends to cover the Hero's Journey.  Agrippa's Diary is a real treasure trove.

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