91 - Moving on again

91 - Moving on again
Hike along the South Coast...

🇭🇰 This was our last week here in Hong Kong for a bit. I think we have achieved all the goals (personal and business) that we set for this trip: mission accomplished, despite all the bureaucratic and administrative obstacles piled in our way. We also got to meet up with travelling friends, also here in HK this month - nice!

November is the best month to be in Hong Kong. The weather has been perfect all month and you really can get out and enjoy all parts of Hong Kong to the fullest every day - so we did! This was our first time to be based in Wan Chai - that too was just great. It is a super location with everything you need nearby and it's really interesting to walk around. It is great to see and support the HK street markets and vendors. We also had a fabulous apartment - certainly one to keep in mind.

Hikes of this week have included Repulse Bay, Mills and Chung, Peak to Aberdeen, Kowloon Park, and of course Cheung Chau for lunch at the windsurfing club. Saturday is another Eye Opener Hike, this time to Lake of Thousand Islands, 千島湖. If you are in HK and fancy a great outing in nature, sign up and come along.

Moderate hike (rated 2.4) to visit ‘Lake of Thousand Islands 千島湖’, Sat, Nov 25, 2023, 9:30 AM | Meetup
1. Difficulty and nature of the hike The hike is a moderate hike with the reward of the beautiful scenery of Lake of Thousand Islands in a clear day. The hike is within th

Hike of the weekend - how great is this

I was talking with a subscriber this week here in HK. He told me that he loved and looked forward to the newsletters each week. They are indeed quite long with so much information in them. We discussed that the best way is to consider them like weekend magazines; you do not need to read them fully at once and you can always go back to the email or website and search for things that you want to re-read. Do also follow the links - you can right click and open in a new tab - there is lots more information.

Also remember that you can enjoy the newsletters in your own languageSpanishDutchFrenchItalianGermanSerbianCroatian, Chinese Traditional & SimplifiedBurmeseIrish (Gaelic) and Thai - if you need more, just ask me!

Banks are no longer fit for purpose

This may seem like an extreme statement but read on for 2 recent personal experiences. Firstly some time ago I tried to open a business account with one of the main regional banks. Despite having a properly operating business and an account with another regional bank it took nine months and multiple in-person visits to their office to talk with zombified staff who could do nothing more than "follow the process" to get the account open. Having got it open I was then to discover that doing transactions with it was even more painful so I decided to close it. That process took six months and yet more in-person visits to the branch. I still get "dormant account notifications" that go straight to the bin.

Latest example: I tried to open an account with one of the new Virtual Banks that claims to "support Hong Kong Residents and Visitors in Hong Kong" with "account opening in 5 minutes with your mobile phone". The entire process took 6 weeks and ten follow up calls (I counted them). Once open I then used the account to sell some household items that we want others to get value from while we are travelling and instead of storing them - only to have the transactions queried and needing to be justified and explained.

Bottom line - the traditional banking industry has reached the Oroborous stage - the monster is eating its own tail. If you have wakened up to this and are looking for alternatives, check out the Project Updates section below and in previous newsletters!

Don't just take my word for it. I challenge you to try it yourself. Try to open a new bank account in your own country and use it - let me know your experience.

Podcast of the week

You must listen to this monologue from Simon Dixon - I have recommended his material before and he has long been outspoken about how the financial system really works to capture people and steal their wealth as well as how you can be proactive to protect yourself. I do recommend his book: Bank to the Future (free with sign up) - our you can buy it on Amazon.

In this video he explains clearly how and why the recent events in the Middle East have arisen with pointers to the historical documents that you can read and research yourself. It is easy when you "follow the money" and ask "Cui bono". Suffice to say that the mainstream media propaganda will tell you different stories and dismiss the truth. Those of you who are still here certainly know better.

Click for a clear explanation of the current mess, why it is happening and what you can do

For further and full information see his recent analyses and note how the empire tries to discourage you from watching these - if you still can:

The obvious consequence of the above is what Neil suggests every rational person should be thinking and saying:

Click to listen - then take action

That said, I have not talked about the following truth for some time but this is all related as you likely can see now. Read this rather clear explainer from a US-based doctor who has been clear and outspoken all through the Covid crimes.

Why Does the Government Cover-Up Vaccine Injuries?
Reviewing a Century of Vaccine Disasters and the Early Trailblazers who Fought Against Them

Click to read - this is all related

Recall too last week's discussion and the letter that Richard suggested you send to the King of England; this really is the simplest and least thing that you could do. Speak now or forever hold your peace. You will be aware that in a democratic system your options are Voice or exit - we talked about this back in Issue 07.

07 - Time to Wake Up
Folks - it really is time to wake up. How many more wars do we need? War on the Virus, War on Terror, War in Afghanistan, War in the Middle East, War in Vietnam - now War in Ukraine and who knows where else? I grew up in Belfast in

We did talk about this back in February 2022

Voice or Exit - What are you doing? Do nothing and you are complicit.

More in this issue

  • Photo memories - around Hong Kong this week
  • Project Updates - Understanding AI and Nostr insights
  • Plenty of useful links - don't say nobody told you!
  • Closing out - Cathars: exterminated in the name of religion

🛠️ Project Updates

The following are updates from some projects that I am following, supporting and collaborating with. What are you doing?

AI explainer - do not skip this

If you have been following along or watching the recent AI developments (not to mention the ridiculous OpenAI gyrations of the last week) you may well have wondered: "How on earth does this stuff work?".

So, listen here as Guy reads Mark Riedl's attempt to demystify ChatGPT and large language models. Are they thinking? Do they understand reason? Can we even understand what is happening inside these "intelligent" machines or have we created something we cannot control?

‎AI Unchained: Ai Read_001 - A Gentle Introduction to Large Language Models on Apple Podcasts
‎Show AI Unchained, Ep Ai Read_001 - A Gentle Introduction to Large Language Models - Nov 17, 2023

Click to listen and learn - you can read along with Mark's essay here

You will be surprised - the truth is not at all what you would expect and you will understand how all of this so-called "intelligence"is just pattern matching in compressed data.

That said, it can and does often seem like intelligence - listen to Jeff and Preston's latest musings on their own personal AI models.

Musing about what is possible already today
Elon Musk started PayPal and as a result of that and his first principles thinking, it is highly likely that he perfectly understands money.

Similar to how it is highly likely Elizabeth Warren perfectly understands money, Elon also must understand that the natural state of the free market IS deflationary.

If both of these are true - then he also must know (as one of the top AI + robotics companies) that he is stealing the productivity gains that should flow to society in the form of lower prices by pretending he is solving planetary issues through a broken system that makes them worse.

In other words, Elon not advocating for #Bitcoin is not because he is stupid. It’s because he believes you are.
- Jeff Booth

From the Nostr Conference

This is a fascinating explainer by Michael Dilger, Pablof7z and Jb55 - these are some of the lead developers and they explain the options that are being explored to improve discoverability. This is innovation in progress and will eventually better the alternative of blasting out.

Innovation in progress

BTW - if you have not yet checked out MutinyWallet you have to do so. Not only to they have a progressive WebApp wallet that incorporates its own lightning node but they are also developing so many interesting things - including Coinjoin using Nostr as the coordinator - more in this in upcoming newsletters.

Mutiny Wallet
The unstoppable bitcoin wallet for everyone.

Technology to watch - not least Coinjoin over Nostr

The following are links from my NetNewswire feeds - learn, enjoy and share.

Meanwhile, in Argentina

You may have heard about Javier Milei winning the presidential election In Argentina. I have got to agree with Robert Malone's analysis - WDYT? For sure the people have had enough of the lunatic socialists and in desperation they are voting for change.

Anarcho-Capitalism and Dr. Javier Milei
Argentina has elected an academic economist as president. His battlecry? “Long live freedom, damn it!”

For sure these are "interesting times"

And Peter thinks fairly similarly - even if draining the swamp is not obvious:

Peter's opinion sure makes sense to me

Neil's commentary is also interesting and balanced - here. Indeed things can go either way but it does look somewhat asymmetric towards the upside. Mark has his balanced commentary here.

Quote of John Gault in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged - recommended reading

Tucker Carlson's recent interview with Javier is well worth a listen.

For my subscribers in Belfast

Thankfully there are people like Hugh. What does it take for the line to be crossed for you?

Relationship and Sexuality Education and the WHO
Listen now (47 mins) | Former Head Teacher, Hugh McCarthy, argues that World Health Organisation RSE ‘guidelines’ are polluting our classrooms with gender propaganda and pseudoscience based curriculum materials.

Click to read and listen to the interview - with practical suggestions

Another hobbyhorse

I have shared with you Louis' observations on YouTube (Empire) recent behaviour. There are many others who see the same cancer metastasising and are awake to how this is being unreasonably and unsafely forced onto users of their services.

Yet another independent and informed explainer

Upper Echelon is a well-respected and data driven researcher. Listen and understand how this latest YouTube policy is dangerous to subscribers and how indeed it does seem to indicate the early onset of dying throes of a monster.

Click for data-driven research and analysis

🤔 Closing Thoughts

Considering what has been happening recently in Middle East you might want to reflect on some historical lessons, in addition to what happened in WW2.

The Cathars were the first group of Christians to find themselves as victim of a genocide by the Vatican and Catholic Church. The Albigensian crusade had the goal to eradicate all Cathars. The Cathars were fundamentally peaceful people, never exerting any violence on anybody - they were easy victims of the Church.

You may well be able to see a recurring theme in all of these ethnic cleansing and genocide. These are all perpetrated in the name of religion where people are divided against their fellow humans by their evil rulers who wish to retain control at any cost.

We have been here before and we always come to the same obvious conclusion after years of needless loss of life and worse. I have spoken before from personal experience having lived in Belfast in the 1970s with Catholics being divided against Protestants. Wake up, folks - do not go along with the madness.

Listen as Howdie tells you to story that you have never been told. You ought to be horrified and you will see all the parallels to what is happening today

Click for Howdie to tell you what you have not been told

For the in-depth background on the Cathars, do inform yourself via this website and extensive set of resources. If you are a bit observant and have been paying attention, you will have seen the Cathars (and Gnostics among others) featuring in Jason's Chronicon and his extensive historical analysis.

Click for the authoritative resource collection
Voice or Exit - What are you doing? Do nothing and you are complicit.

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- Morpheus to Neo in The Matrix
How to escape the matrix - do you see it yet?
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