94 - Gradually, then suddenly

94 - Gradually, then suddenly
Chatuchak flower and plant market, Wed and Thu only!

πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ V and I have been relaxing around town this week. The weather is still pretty warm, being 35-37 degrees in the afternoon and it does not go below 25 at night but this is certainly preferred to rain and snow of N Europe in the winter.

We have been enjoying our Bangkok apartment and the facilities that we have here. There is a large swimming pool and it is used much less than you would expect. Obviously this is one of the selling points of the building so you would think people would use it! Their loss is our gain and we just enjoy the full use of the pool every day. Afternoons are a great time to go swimming.

This week we got a completely different experience of Chatuchak market. Normally everyone goes at the weekend - it is open Sat and Sun 0900-1800. We went for the plant market - that is open Wed and Thu from 0700-1800 - when they occupy both sides of the road all around the inside of the market with a fantastic variety of plants. You can get everything from tiny cacti through all sorts of houseplants to much bigger plants for garden and terrace and they even have full-size trees! We picked up a nice Palm for our terrace and had great fun coming back with it in a Tuk Tuk! Friday evening the market is also open for wholesale - so again a very different atmosphere. We also enjoyed a nice Mojito or two at our favourite bar there.

Midweek we did a trip along to Icon Siam, now celebrating its 5th birthday - it certainly has strong competition now that EmSphere has opened even if EmSphere only has a skywalk compared with Icon Siam's Gold BTS line!

And I had the Bitcoin meetup on Wednesday. A most enjoyable evening with lots of very interesting people visiting from around the world and a few locals too. The main topic on the agenda was Memes and Memetic Warfare (thanks, @weinicus) and of course we discussed Ocean.xyz (see last week's newsletter) and we all got connected on Nostr. Highlighting here BitPopArt and his work - great stuff! He is one of may independent creators that is building in the parallel economy.

Bitcoin PopArt πŸ§‘βœοΈπŸ’œ- ART by World Traveler Johannes Oppewal (85+ countries @traveltelly πŸ“πŸ—ΊοΈ) @toonstr for my cartoons πŸ‘€

Check out Johannes and send some sats in appreciation and support

Thursday morning we were off to the flower market at Sanam Chai where we picked up a nice selection for the weekend.

If all that was not enough, it was also V's birthday this week

Podcast of the week

Many things happen gradually, then suddenly - for example this is how companies fail and go bankrupt. So too it seems that this is how the awareness of the Covid Crimes against Humanity progresses. It seems that we may well be reaching the suddenly phase.

Let's start with this UK Column interview. It is heartbreaking to listen to the extraordinary death and injury that has been unleashed by the so-called vaccines. Listen to the analysis of the data, primarily from the UK. Ed's supporting information and analyses are freely available on his website.

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Excess Deathsβ€”Ed Dowd
Why in 2023 are the cases of sickness, disability and death rising exponentially? Why are none of our public health officials demanding an immediate investigation?

Click for the interview - supporting data available here

As part of the cover-up the UK Government is pretending to hold an enquiry "to get to the bottom of it". As Iain says - this is like asking Tony Blair to investigate war crimes. You really must read Iain's substack post - you may or may not be surprised to learn that the Covid Enquiry is just one of many coverups that the UK Government has done in recent decades. Evidence provided.

Won’t Someone Save Us From The COVID-19 Inquiry?
As Scotty once said β€œI can’t take it Captain!” If I have to read, see or hear one more legacy media report about the monumental farce that is the UK’s COVID-19 inquiry, I fear my brain will batter my soul to death. Why on Earth is anyone taking it seriously?

Imagine if Covid was not the only coverup?

Richard explains how the UK Government has done everything possible to try to prevent any discussion of the facts in UK Parliament - listen to this litany of obstacles that were placed in the way of the properly planned meeting that invited medical experts from around the world.

Disgusting obstruction and hampering by Government henchmen

Meanwhile in Germany, their politicians are somewhat better informed and willing to listen.

Awakening too in Germany

Lastly, James explains how the the parasite class and their unelected and unrepresentative international bodies are now flagrantly violating international laws with seeming immunity and even the support from Western Governments.

The WHO is not an honest participant in their negotiations. They have committed voting fraud. They are conspiring to violate Article 55. They are openly participating in genocide. #ExitTheWHO

Can you see it yet? How about those around you? Take your head out of the sand.

What are you doing? Do nothing and you are complicit in the crimes.

More in this issue

  • Photo memories - around town this week
  • Project Updates - New server and BTC Scaling
  • Plenty of useful links - don't say nobody told you!
  • Closing out - Archaix for beginners - start here!

πŸ› οΈ Project Updates

This week I have been continuing with hands-on activities, building out my server and also working on testing BTC scaling technology. What are you doing?

New Server

Continuing to get serious with hands-on development I went round to Pantip Plaza and invested in a nice Dell Optiplex, recycled from corporate use. I had them upgrade the memory to 16GB and put in a 2TB NVME drive. Once back at the apartment I was happy to eliminate all traces of Windoze and installed Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS. I have a basic set of configuration that I do for all new servers and this one is now a happy member of the network!

I have physical servers in different locations and among other things these allow me to keep encrypted offsite backups in different jurisdictions. Also, using Tailscale exit nodes you can route traffic from wherever you want to be - rather like VPN. I am also seeking to reduce my dependency on the evil Empire and these servers represent an important step; you cannot exit the Empire's grip in a single step but multiple smaller steps get you quite far.

Liquid and Lightning

There has been a lot of discussion recently around bitcoin fees. Indeed the mempools are rather full these days - ever since the ORDI craze broke out (more on that some other time). This does point out the importance of scaling technology for Bitcoin. Two such scaling technologies are Lightning and Liquid.

Watch here as Ben demonstrates how you can use them together to get to a position where you incur almost no fees for moving bitcoin. As he points out, there are trade-offs - notably trusting in the Liquid Federation and a couple of extra steps but it is certainly worth exploring these and finding what works best for you.

A great explainer by Ben - with step by step demo

Many exchanges allow you to withdraw over lightning (eg Kraken) for free - this is an important advantage. Moving BTC that you have withdrawn over Lightning into Liquid is an interesting option and "half-way-house" to cold storage. Other scaling technology will certainly emerge and become ready for prime time as we go forward.

I have had a few subscribers asking me about how to get started with Bitcoin. The best way is to go along to your local Bitcoin Meetup - search on meetup.com or OrangePillApp - they will be happy to help you and you will make great friends and contacts. Also I did already give you a step-by-step guide back in Issue 14.

14 - Get Ready - Phoenix is an easy option...
Recently, quite a few people have been asking me about Bitcoin and how to get started with it practically - in real life. I put this summary together to explain the most important things that you need to know and I try to answer the most common questions. Hopefully you

Click for Step-by-step guide

The following are links from my NetNewswire feeds - learn, enjoy and share.

Can you see it yet?

When you consider the amount of open space that there is in the USA and you then see the size and construction of the "houses" in the new developments you ought to spot something amiss. Melissa and Aaron explain in case you are having difficulty. Once you have seen it you cannot unsee it.

It does rather hit you in the face

And Peter summarises this phenomenon in his inimitable style:

Peter says it like it is

Exiting the Empire

You will be well aware of my hatred of all things Google - they really are evil - that is the reason why they removed "Don't be evil" from their company motto and code of conduct. It is good practice to reduce your footprint in Google as much as possible - and their current ill-advised adblock blocking attempts are just waking people up to this and strengthening their resolve and the tools available - recall our discussion on FreeTube.

Maybe you too have hit the limits of "free" (it's not free) storage on your Google account - most often this is due to stored photos. I have certainly been asked to help out many people who have hit these limits. Well Neil M has a fantastic tutorial that will help you out. He also explains the evil behind Google's messages throughout this process and shows you an interesting way to keep your photos separate from all other google data.

Simple and effective - for yourself and others

You may also want to look into this really simple suggestion if you ever wanted to make a full archive of all your photos - eg before doing the compression above. Of course Google makes it all but impossible to do this through the standard interface but there is a way and it's easy when you know it!

It's easy when you know how

Do check out his channel - Neil has many interesting tips and tricks in short, simple and easy-to-follow videos.

Bitcoin is more environmentally friendly that you ever knew

Bitcoin mining may well be the best catalyst for accelerating the global shift towards clean energy and effective power grid management. Amidst the evolving landscape of energy systems and grid operations, demand response and flexible load resources are becoming crucially important.

Bitcoin mining can also directly utilise stranded energy resources, suggesting it is a novel technology for improving grid efficiency and facilitating rapid growth in renewable energy production.

Guy explains - BTC mining uses less energy than Tumble Driers and gives so many benefits

Listen as Guy explains how something like BTC mining and its flexible load becomes increasingly necessary and beneficial as you increase the percentage of "renewable energy". There are already many examples of how BTC mining is also bringing electricity to many towns and villages across Africa. It also underpins the improvements in reliability of the grid in Texas in the face of their relentless push to unreliable renewables.

Gradually, then Suddenly - yet another example

What happened in March 2008 is yet another example of what it is like when gradually turns to suddenly.

Within a few days Wall Street investment bank, Bear Stearns collapsed. The Federal Reserve and US Treasury Department stepped in to engineer a bailout, which ultimately came through an acquisition by J.P. Morgan. Bear Stearns was the first major domino to fall in the 2008 financial crisis, but the entire financial system was on the verge of collapse.

Six months later, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. The bank runs were on in full force across Wall Street. Within a few weeks, President George W. Bush passed the Emergency Economic Stabilisation Act, approving a $700 billion package to bail out major US banks.

Note that the bail-0ut that was done in March of this year (hidden as the BTF Program) was already bigger than what happened back in 2008 - and extraordinary exercise in can-kicking that is nearing its end.

Gradually Then Suddenly Foreword and Presale Announcement
The book is officially available for presale and will start shipping around Dec 8th.

Read Marty's foreword and the Intro Chapter is available here

Consider how things look now, compared to March 2008 - perhaps you see some similarity and possible risks. Likely it will all become rather clear as we move out of the gradually phase in the not too far distant future. Everything that you see in the news media today is just to distract you from the real problem.

πŸ€” Closing Thoughts

Over recent months I have had quite a few subscribers that have contacted me to discuss and know more about Jason and the Archaix data that I have been sharing as Closing Thoughts.

Jason is probably the best-read person you will ever meet, having read more than 1,300 original texts, mostly in original books published prior to 1902. To close out this week's newsletter I invite you to watch Jason's recent "Archaix for Beginners" video.

In the video below Jason explains how he spent many years putting together his Chronicon (a timeline history of world history and major events) only to discover that several dramatic and even catastrophic events happened 138 years apart. He also discovered longer cycles of 552 years (4 * 138) where the event was more dramatic. This led him to look deeper in his analysis and this pattern is not only real but it has been known about for thousands of years and is documented in the historical writings of populations from all over the globe - South America, Nordics, Ireland, Egypt, Australia, India and China to mention just a few. This wisdom is embedded in art, folklore, stories, myths, books and scrolls and even in nursery rhymes!

I'll let Jason take it further - click below to inform yourself.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

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