04 - Christmas in Hong Kong

04 - Christmas in Hong Kong

Season's greetings from Hong Kong - as we approach the end of the year I am taking a few days off work (mostly) - so I have a bit more time for some personal projects and interests. We will be island hopping again/still this week!

Considering the need for improved privacy and security on mobile phones, I am experimenting with CalyxOS - on a very nice Pixel 4.  Surprisingly pleasant experience on a Google-free device.  It was easy to replace Android on the phone and you have pretty much all you need via either the F-Droid or Aurora app stores - certainly if you enable MicroG (not a bad option, I think).   Do let me know your thoughts on this if you use it.   Documentation here.  Apps that are handy on the phone:

  • Signal - Messaging.  Avoid WhatsApp, FB Messenger and others if possible
  • Brave Browser - privacy oriented version of Chrome - just great!  
  • Element - Group Chat and conversations
  • Antenna - Podcasts.. just a great experience
  • Bitwarden - Password manager - it just works... highly recommended
  • NewPipe - Youtube without all the nonsense!
  • Phoenix - Lighning & Bitcoin payments - and I do not even live in El Salvador
  • DuckDuckGo - Search.. why would you use anything else?

I am also experimenting with Raspberry Pi - these are fascinating little devices - if you are interested to know more, do say.  Among other things they allow you to host your own private servers that keep data safe whilst being securely accessible by a personal VPN.

Something completely different - a little video update from my hike around The Peak...


On Twitter, I do recommend following @DougAntin  and do check our his website and newsletter:  The Sovereign Individual Weekly

@Laserhodl is also an interesting follow - do listen to his  interview by Stephan Livera


I do love listening to Guy Swan - he has really read more on this topic than anyone else and he happily shares his knowledge.  Here his and Lyn's knowledge!


Guy's weekly news review is required weekly watching - issued every Monday so we see it Tuesday morning in HK.  Do also subscribe to his newsletter

Mark explains how the measuring stick is being changed to steal from you

If you have seen The Matrix Resurrections

In case you heard about Log4j and wondered what it was and why it's important

BTW - you might be interested to Restore YouTube Dislikes


I am still reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Book 5. So many interesting parallels in the book to what is happening right now in the world.  Gotta wonder, this is book 5 and there is still book 6 to come...

In my queue: When Money Dies by Adam Fergusson - I feel this may be very relevant in the month ahead - already so in some countries...

If case you missed them - I do recommend:

For audio-books, I do recommend getting used to listening at >= 1.5x speed.   After a while 1.8x to 2x is quite fine and you will wonder how you ever did differently!

That's it!

No one can be told what The Matrix is.
You have to see it for yourself.

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