30 - Marsaskala, Gozo and Equinox

30 - Marsaskala, Gozo and Equinox
Photo by Timofey Borozdin / Unsplash

🇲🇹 Still relaxing this week in Malta.  Weather continued hot right up to Equinox when the weather really did switch - we are now in autumn/fall and winter is coming.  Among other things Malta celebrated its Independence Day on Wednesday 21st celebrating its "liberation" from the United Kingdom - one of many pieces of history that you might not be aware of.

We also had a rather nice day out - going first to the market at Marsaxlokk on the south of the Island.  We got there early and caught the fish market where fresh fish is sold till it runs out and then the rest of the market takes over.  It does have everything.   Walkabout here.  Such local markets are things to encourage - along with payment in cash - if you have one near you be sure to patronise it and support all involved.

From Marsaxlokk we took a Bolt to Marsaskala and we were delighted to find the little cafe: Jacob's Brew Cafe.  We had an interesting chat with Sam (the owner) and Jacob (his son and inspiration).  People like this restore your faith in humanity and remind you that we are all the same.  Do not let the evil in the world divide you up against eachother.  Recall our discussion back in Issue 7 and Issue 16 and what you can do about it (Issue 9)

Click here or the picture for the video explainer and inspiration.  

Click for the Youtube explainer video

We also did a second day-trip to Gozo - taking the fast ferry to and from the island.  The main town is Victoria - about 5km from the port.  Typical maltese town with huge buildings everywhere and very well-maintained.  Also there is Citadel up on the hill.   This one is uninhabited - just museums and rather creepy 3D/VR tours available with Free WiFi everywhere.  I have heard of such things happening at other World Heritage sites (eg Machu Picchu) - expectation is that you may soon no longer be allowed to visit these places in person but will be restricted to Virtual Reality tours from the visitor center below or outside.  Of course they will say this is for your safety and security and to protect the environment....

Happy that I discovered The Buteyko Breathing Method for Asthma.  You might be amazed to know that this is a set of exercises that have been demonstrated to give dramatic relief to tens of thousands of asthma sufferers for years.   The powers-that-be and medical establishment refuse to do or fund national trials and also they suppress discussion and dialogue about this and other such treatments that obviate or reduce need for medication.  You might also watch the  original QED documentary that aired on BBC back in the late 1980's.  Sally Magnussen was the reporter.

Click for explanation

If you have asthma or know anyone that does, you likely should give this the 10-15 minutes that it takes to inform yourself.   What is your experience - do comment below.

Book of the week

Source: https://fiddlrts.blogspot.com/2018/08/sourcery-by-terry-pratchett.html

Still reading fiction this week and back on Terry Pratchett with Sourcery.  As with all Terry's books there is a superficial storyline and at least one or two levels deeper that you can go.  The book tells how Coin was the 8th son of an 8th son of an 8th son - and so is a Sourcerer with unprecedented powers - way above those of normal Wizards.

Once Coin grows up he comes to Unseen University, and takes over in dramatic fashion, revealing a vast power of Sourcery and a determination to make Wizards rule the Discworld. This looks a lot like totalitarianism and cruelty, to say the least.

As you would expect there is an unlikely bunch of characters who are tasked with pushing back on the evil and on which we depend to save everyone.

Rincewind steps up and stands out as character in this one - more so and better (I think) than in The Color of Magic.  He has a couple of new accomplices in addition to the famous Luggage and Librarian.

You really do not need to look too hard to see plenty of parallels - not least the destruction of historical literature (library burning) and violent prevention of peaceful gathering and debate.   👀

In case my review is not enough for you - consider QuietAsMouse's review (high level), that of BottledImp (blow by blow, in-depth with potential spoilers) or click the image above for that of Diary of an Autodidact.

🛠 Update on my Projects

💰 Bitcoin & Lightning

In case you are still wondering where bitcoin came from and why it is special - do check out Tromer's article: The Legendary Treasure of Satoshi Nakamoto or listen to Guy reading it.  This might well surprise and amaze you - it goes well beyond the basic facts that are known and can be checked.

I am continuing to read up and study on Lightning as the key enabler to bitcoin scaling and adoption.  I have already explained how you can easily have your own Lightning wallet (Issue 14 goes step by step); reach out if you want to test or go further.

Guy takes a rather well-balanced review of potential upcoming US regulation.

Particularly interesting is that this technology is being actively "battle-tested" under adversarial conditions in Nigeria (population 220m) and other African countries.  If it works there, it will work anywhere.  

🎓 Reading, listening and learning

Below are some more interesting sources - for your awareness and edification:

🤔 You likely want to give this proper consideration

Neil Oliver says it like it is - listen and wake up.

Neil McCW also tells you what you likely are not hearing in Mainstream Media, with links to WEF own material. Coming soon to a city near you.  And his latest walk & talk.

Plenty more Facts and Figures here, referring to official governmental statistics - even if not everything is fully correct, we ought to be able to discuss and objectively assess things like this.

You also want to look very seriously at the evidence collected by Dr Reiner Fuellmich.  ⚠️ WARNING  - once seen, this cannot be unseen ⚠️.

🤪  Finishing up on a lighter note

You likely think that you are observant and able to spot things that change; nothing gets past you - right?  You will be AMAZED by this simple example of how you can be fooled when things change over a period of time - even a very short one of less than one minute.

Think about the implications when you look around you at all that is happening today and how you used to live in 2019.  

Click here or the image below.  Might you have missed something important?

Click to watch the video and be amazed...

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