10 - On Location - in Madeira

10 - On Location - in Madeira
Photo by Piotr Musioł / Unsplash

April already and we are still refugees from the madness in HK.  During March I had quite a few family matters that took priority and I also needed to work for two weeks.  April is a similar schedule but we flew to Madeira for a change of scene and so that I could have a full 2-weeks off - my first real holiday in quite a few years!

We are staying in an airBnB in Funchal - an experience that I can totally recommend - video below!   Nice to have an apartment that is fully equipped in a central location and no hassle for a few weeks.  While here we are making the most of the great location and all the local possibiliites.

Elsewhere in the world

Things are clearly not going great around the world.  If you are still confused as to why these things are happening, do go back and read the previous Letter from HK section "Why? How did we get here?"

You should be in no doubt that the "Great Reset" with its supporting "Great Narrative" is in full swing..  This is it - it is not a drill.  For additional insights the following are recommended.

On the personal and inspirational side

Advantage of time off work is that I have more time to read, listen and watch things that interest me.  It really is a privilege that so much high quality material is so readily available.  Do not let it go to waste.   A few fabulous finds (and some re-finds) from this past week:

You will know that I am a fan of Audio Books and also Kindle - recently I am starting to use Whispersync where you get the Kindle- and Audio-books together for a nice price.  This makes it easier to take notes (using Mac or iPad Kindle reader) while getting the benefit of having the book read to you by a professional reader.

I have also been inspired by a few people pushing themselves to do more reading - like this girl and Ali himself with his tips.  Above all:  just do it and do not get stuck on something that does not work for you!

Books that I am reading - Audio and Kindle!

  • The Final Empire: Mistborn, Book 1 - this is a new genre for me - I rather feel that it might be a bit too complicated for my engineering mind - let's see
  • Die with Zero: Getting All You Can from Your Money and Your Life - certainly provocative and obvious if you think about it but 99% do the opposite!
  • Chariots of the Gods - a classic by Erich von Daniken (written in 1968) - I have been inspired by his recent YT video appearances.  Thought provoking and leads you to many possibilities.

So what's it like in Funchal, Madeira?

Do check out HitTheRoadMadeira's walking tour around Funchal

My first impressions of Funchal 
and see my day out on Thursday!
Saturday - Funchal and Camar de Lobos

That's it!

No one can be told what The Matrix is.
You have to see it for yourself.

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