02 - Sai Kung this week

02 - Sai Kung this week

Only in HK can you go golfing on a remote island, come back in the evening, leave your golf clubs at the quay, go for dinner and pick them up on the way home!

We spent most of the last week up in Sai Kung, way up in the North East - things in HK are so handy, so even this is just an easy one hour from Central on public transport.  Weather this week was fantastic - 18-24 degrees and mostly sunny; November and December are the best months of the year here. It will be nice weather till about 6 January and then it switches to cool and cloudy till Chinese New Year after which the humidity will return.


Over the Christmas and New Year period I expect to have a bit more time for things so, responding to requests from people I plan to share a few things you might find handy

  • Stay Safe online - tips and tricks to ensure that your mobile phones and computers are safe from hackers.  Also protecting access to your critical data and accounts.
  • Secure Messaging and Chat - this is becoming increasingly important with arbitrary (or not?) censorship, cancellation and bot-driven targetting  becoming routine.  With diminishing trust in the existing platforms many are looking for safer alternatives - I'll share my suggestions.
  • Privacy tools - there are quite a few  tools that enable you to keep private your data and transactions - we will be exploring those too and sharing suggestions.


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Fascinating interview of @LaserHodl by Stephan Livera - you need to listen to this because obviously this is not allowed on YT.  Pro tip: do get used to listening to Podcasts and YT and 1.75x-2x speed - you will quickly find it the ONLY way to do it!


Guy's weekly news review is required weekly watching - issued every Monday UK time, Tuesday mornings here in HK.  This week's update.

Guy's longest video every is dedicated to the recent World Economic Forum slew of whitepapers outlining their plan for World Domination - required watching here.  Blow by Blow:
1:33 What Is The World Economic Forum? 4:00 Introduction 6:38 Corporations And Central Banks 14:13 Stablecoin And CBDC Regulations 18:28 Stablecoin And CBDC Risks 24:55 Stablecoins And Financial Inclusion 30:52 Digital Currencies For Humanitarian Aid 33:56 CBDC “Privacy” 38:40 Stablecoin And CBDC Interoperability 42:02 CBDC Technology

Blow by blow accunt and analysis of the recent CEO Testimony: Government vs. CRYPTO by Guy - watch and learn - summary here, blows below!
1:25 About The Hearing 3:37 Opening Statements 9:18 Stablecoin Questions 12:18 Crypto Market Questions 14:18 Regulation Questions 17:56 Crazy Questions 21:02 Crypto Mining Questions 24:05 Hearing Analysis 26:57 Outro


I am still reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Book 5. Progress this week has been a bit slow with a lot on at work but I hope to have more time in the weeks ahead to finish the series, for a second time!

I am also re-reading (listening on Audible) Mythos - narrated by Stephen Fry.  This is absolutely AMAZING and highly recommended.  There is so much wisdom in these stories from antiquity - you have got to wonder....!

That's it!

No one can be told what The Matrix is.
You have to see it for yourself.

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