Why you need a website - and it's easier than you think

πŸ’‘ Ali explains why you need your own website and tells you how easy it is to do

Why you should have a website - 6 benefits and a bonus one!

  • develop yourself and your ideas
  • helps professional life (interviews and contacts/references)
  • lots of connections - networking
  • expose yourself to interesting opportunities
  • you can have more impact - equiv to good networking - global reach
  • you can monetise - eventually if you want!
  • πŸ† Bonus - you can avoid the censorship and shadow-banning of social media and establish your own platform and distrubution channels

How to create a website

  • Squarespace (if you have no computer skills) or Ghost (Ali and I use it)
  • Do not over-think it - just DO IT and blog weekly
  • Get your own domain

What to do with it

  • You must have at least: About, Contact and Blog
  • Blog regularly - weekly is a good schedule...
  • Write whatever interests you - something useful for at least one person!
  • Document document what you do & learn - it's easier than creating content
  • Share on Social Media!
  • Focus on writing useful content and encourage people to share!

Diving Deeper

πŸ€” If you have caught the bug and want to go further - you can just go to Squarespace or Ghost and follow their step by step instructions. Β In case you want to see more before you jump in the try this:

A good 101 explainer on how to get going including:

  • How to pick a good name - I like this tool
  • How to find your own domain - I use namecheap
  • 10 themes with their differentiating features - plenty available free
  • Formatting your posts - something I know I need to focus on!

❀️ I do recommend Brad Traversy as a trainer and coach - I have followed him over the years and his free material is more than enough for most; he also goes in depth on many topics - check out his website here.  For those who are already interested to know more about the skills involved - check out his State of the Art Explainer video and he provides pointers for your own learning if you take the initiative.

πŸ›  Tools of the trade

Visual Studio Code is just the πŸ† Gold Standard Editor - crash course here

Brad's HTML5 Crash course and CSS Crash course - highly recommended and totally free