105 - The Great Taking

105 - The Great Taking
The flower market is here 7 days a week

🇹🇭 It is already March. The weather here in Bangkok has been pleasantly cooler and cloudier here in recent days. To be honest - it is about perfect. We do enjoy our breakfast together on the terrace every morning and dinner there in the evenings.

I am into the third week of my recuperation after the operation. This week I had my final checkup at the hospital and everything's fine. I am so happy that I decided to do this here rather than hope that it would not become needed later in the year. The medical services here are world class. It will still take a few weeks till I am fully recovered and we are taking that time.

For comparison - I met someone here from UK (aged 87 - but you would say early 60s). He came here two years ago almost unable to walk after waiting more than a year for hip replacement in UK. His operation was done in less than two weeks and he is now in top health - walking everywhere. Meanwhile he has had no update on the UK waitlist! You can die on the waiting list and they don't care.

As I get out and about a bit more again, V and I went to the cinema this week (on leap day) - she wanted to see Dune 2 - we had seen the previous one back in Hong Kong. As preparation for this I went back and re-watched Dune from 2021 and studied the plot summary. That was useful and recommended background. If you are looking for symbolism and predictive programming there is certainly plenty - not just in the movie but also in the trailers they played before it. V also spotted quite a few significant deviations from the book! So have you seen it - what did you notice? Reach out and let's discuss!

I also had plenty of time this week for reading, study and project work and that is reflected below.

Book of the week

Continuing first in lighter vein - this is the second in the series recommended to me by V. You might recall that we discussed the first book back in Newsletter #97 when I had man-flu over the new year. Book two of the series felt like the proper reading for post-operative recuperation.

Click for reviews - an enjoyable read

Click above for the reviews - indeed this was a good read - just what I needed this week.

Interview of the week

Now to something more serious. I hope that you did listen to Ivor's interview of David Webb last week. This topic is so important that I am including some further insights up front on this week's newsletter. Do not skip these interviews - if you own any shares or bonds or have any outstanding loans or mortgages.

Paul Buitink interviews David Webb, former hedge fund manager of Varus and author of “The Great Taking”. The global elite has implemented a system to take everything from everyone. This agenda is particularly evident in the realm of property rights concerning securities through DTCC, Euroclear and Clearstream. A closer examination of the terms and conditions, such as those of a bank or stockbroker, reveals that individuals are not the rightful owners of their securities.

In fact, as David explains the true ownership has been obfuscated away from you into lending pools in the Central Depositories where the banks are using your assets as collateral in their (under-collateralised) derivatives casino. The Lehman Brothers collapse set the case law on this.

When the music stops - they will be the senior creditors, not those who thought (and were misled) that they owned the assets. If you cannot believe this, recall the Credit Suisse failure and those AT1 bonds. That was a warm-up. Wake up!

Click to watch - David's Book is free to download - here

02:02 The Great Taking explained, 13:12 How/why did it start?, 22:56 Situation in Europe, 38:39 What will be the trigger, 50:27 Will the people accept a great taking?, 55:04 What to do?

Do download and read his book - it is freely available here. It includes details of the contractual obfuscation and also pointers to how you can support those who are standing up to this evil. Audiobook also free here.

For further insights listen to this interview with Catherine Austin-Fitts. This is a fascinating discussion, including thoughts on how things may evolve and she has lots of constructive initiatives in progress. To understand these better and for a wealth of resources you can check the Solari Report website.

It is time to wake up and demand clarity - then take action as needed

Likely now you understand why that WEF video gleefully proclaims: "You will own nothing…". There are things you can do - for a start just making people aware of this and demanding clear, authoritative answers and clarifications from all financial institutions and advisors that you deal with.

Do not accept to be referred to their "Terms and Conditions"; you need to ask specific questions and clarifications and require personally accountable answers from management. Take appropriate action when they refuse to give it to you. As David explains, many of them may well be unaware of the true situation and the evil crimes to which they are complicit - just like with Covid.

Awakening is required and happening. You can also join and support one of the legal challenges in your region. Doing this can also give you additional support, specific to your country and situation.

More in this issue

  • Photo memories - around Bangkok this week
  • Project Updates - Cashu, npub.cash, Mutiny, Primal, Phoenix and Nostr
  • Plenty of useful links - don't say nobody told you!
  • Closing out - on a positive note - Awaken the Immortal Within

🛠️ Project Updates

There is so much going on in the Bitcoin world these days that it really is almost impossible to keep up. Read on for the dev team review and significant project updates.

Dev Team Review

Let's start with the dev team review - this is the single best update on what's happening that you will find - each meeting is supported by extensive notes with references to project sites for full details. Listen and learn as NVK hosts the meeting with Calle (Cashu developer extraordinaire), Pablo (for Nostr) and Ben (for Mutiny). You will be amazed at all the things that are progressing, many even in beta testing and beyond.

Click for the meeting recording and notes

Noteworthy mentions that I am supporting and involved with include:

  • Cashu and npub.cash - this is an amazing combination. It allows anyone to receive lightning payments asynchronously leveraging eCash. Even better is that this works using Nostr with no setup required. I have been demonstrating this to bitcoiners here in Bangkok - they are all blown away by it and the possibilities that it brings
  • Mutiny Wallet is a fantastic product. They are actively developing in Madeira alongside the Nostr folks and this cross-fertilisation brings great results. One of the best things about this is that it bypasses the Google and Apple app stores (they are both Pure Evil), being a Progressive Web App (PWA). I love the philosophy of focusing on the areas where this architecture bring unique value and leveraging established providers to provide services like liquidity management, the choice being yours.
  • Next up is Primal.net - this gives one of the best onboarding experiences and they now incorporate a built-in lightning wallet the benefits from close integration with all the apps and services that are becoming available on Nostr
Primal iOS v1.2.44: On-chain Wallet, Video Uploads & More
Primal is a free and open source nostr client focused on seamless UX. Available on Android, iOS and the web.

Primal.net - simply the best onboarding experience for beginners

  • Phoenix continues to impress - their latest release bring cheaper swap-in by using more efficient addressing and so smaller transactions. This also gives enhanced privacy and they have feature parity on Android and iOS.
Swaproot: cheaper and more private on-chain deposits on Phoenix
A better swap-in protocol with Taproot, MuSig2 and Miniscript descriptors

Phoenix is the lightning wallet of choice for many

  • And I have got to highlight this one. Yet another example of established (and more or less corrupt) mainstream services appearing as open-source Nostr-based tools with all of the new capabilities that this enables. Thanks to Pablo for this one.
WikiFreedia: Wikipedia Proof-of-Concept on Nostr
WikiFreedia is a proof-of-concept for a Nostr-based alternative to Wikipedia.

What a great idea

For sure this is early days (it's just a proof of concept and not even an MVP) but you can see the potential and people are already jumping in to build and expand on this.

About time

For what seems like years people have been complaining about the fact that the only way to use signal was with your phone number exposed to everyone that you connect with. No longer!

Signal Introduces Usernames and Phone Number Privacy
“We’re making it possible for people to connect with each other without having to share phone numbers. Now launching to beta users, available for everyone soon,” announced Signal.

Click to read the details - connect with me at @travellr2 - needs latest (beta) version

They have done a clever implementation that gives you ephemeral usernames that you can choose yourself and even change as often as you want. These usernames give discoverability to make connections while they are active - for example you may share a username while at a conference and change it afterwards retaining all who have connected with you on previous usernames. For all of these your phone number is hidden.

Connect with me using Signal - @travellr.01

The following are links from my NetNewswire feeds - learn, enjoy and share.

9 1/2 weeks..

It's amazing what you can do when you can put your mind to it. Whilst I am still somewhat sceptical, Javier Milei does seem to be doing what he said he would - unlike pretty much every other politician. Listen as Peter explains the progress, comparing it to what the US Uniparty does.

Javier Milei is walking the talk - so far, so good!

For those who prefer to read and have all supporting information click below:

Javier Milei Ended a DC-Sized Deficit in... 9 weeks
Argentina’s Javier Milei is racking up some solid wins, with the fiscal basketcase seeing its first monthly budget surplus in 12 years. Apparently it took Milei just 9 and a half weeks to balance a budget that was projected at 5% of GDP under the previous government. In US terms, he turned a 1.2 trillion dollar annual deficit into a 400 billion surplus. In 9 and a half weeks.

Click for the full details and supporting material

Yet more lunacy

Listen as Peter explains the latest lunacy that has exploded on the scene. After initially trying to deny this, Google has finally admitted that there is a problem and that fixing it will not be easy. Better to delete and start again, I think.

Peter explains like only he can - listen and observe ESG investing consequences

Reminder - Google is Evil and the next article shows Apple is about the same.

Tyranny after Malicious Compliance

My disgust for Apple builds daily recently. First there was their malicious compliance in the two EU court cases: the need to open the App Store to allow "side-loading" and the need for Browser competition. In both of these Apple "complied" in the most user-hostile way possible. The implementation of each of these "solutions" is such as to render them pretty much impossible to use.

Beyond that, Apple is now using these implementation to justify further restrictions and are unjustifiable and which aim only to restrict users on their platform and to allow governments even greater control and restrictions.

Listen carefully - their endgame is clear - absolute control and censorship

Here again - you can do something about it. As Henry explains - add your support to one or more of the initiatives below:

Open Web Advocacy: https://open-web-advocacy.org/
Open Web Advocacy Blog Post: https://open-web-advocacy.org/blog/it...
EU DMA, First Dropdown: https://digital-markets-act.ec.europa

BTC is about to overtake UK Sterling as global money

Unless you have been living under a rock, you likely have heard something about Bitcoin in the past weeks, if not from this newsletter. Listen on as Mathew does his quarterly review of global currencies. Contrary to what politicians and criminal central bankers will tell you, Bitcoin is the 7th largest Base Money in the world and about to overtake UK Sterling - it may well have done so by this weekend when you read this.

Click for Matthew to explain and show you the numbers

Meanwhile the criminals at the ECB have doubled down on their previous announcement that Bitcoin had died. You may recall that they wrote that in November 2022 where they successfully called the bottom of the market; absolutely the best time to buy!

ECB Reports Record Loss for 2023, Publishes Another Hit Piece on Bitcoin
The European Central Bank today reported a record annual loss for 2023 and said further losses were likely as its aggressive interest rate hikes force it to pay out billions of euros to banks. At the same time, the bank also published another opinion piece on perceived ‘failures of bitcoin.’

Click to read - listen to Matt K's take here

In this latest article they again called Bitcoin dead! - just before BTC reached an All-Time-High (ATH) against the Euro and it's only starting! The criminality and ignominy of these people is beyond words - not to mention the so-called journalists and media that propagate their lies. Click below for an extensive point-by-point rebuttal and debunking of all of the ECB's corrupt claims:

Click for point-by-point rebuttal and debunking of the ECB claims

In further updates from midweek - click below for the recent numbers via Balaji:

Click for more details
Click for table with all the numbers

Note that when bitcoin makes an all-time-high against your currency, that really means that your fiat currency has lost value and is now at an all-time-low.

🤔 Closing Thoughts

Closing out this week on a positive note and with a short read. At 51 pages you can and should read this in an afternoon or an evening.

This book is short, deeply poetic, darkly philosophical and it was designed to be read in one sitting. Explosive revelations will shock you into paying attention. Jason explains how our beliefs create barriers that separate us from the very things we want most. Also, the things we hold to be true are the very reasons why most rarely receive in life our innermost desires.

This book is for those who have searched for the truth all their life and know they have not found it. The rest of you are warned away.
Click above for reviews - here for PDF and here for audiobook

If you prefer, Jason will explain it to you in this short presentation:

Click to have Jason explain it to you in 30 minutes

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