87 - Heading to Hong Kong

87 - Heading to Hong Kong
Around War Pho this w

🇹🇭 Having just got settled into Bangkok, it is time for us to move on again. This coming weekend we are travelling to Hong Kong and will be there for the coming month. Do say hello if you are in town or up for a hike or two! We are expecting nice weather - usually November is the best weather of the year in HK!

We have made the most of our apartment here in Central Bangkok - daily swimming and yoga with breakfast and dinner in the sky. We also got out and about around town - in between the showers and thunderstorms that are still prevalent here. At least it should be nice weather in Bangkok when we get back for the winter.

During this past week we made our inevitable third visit to Ikea. Hopefully we are now fully set! I recall that we made no less than 9 trips to Ikea in HK when we last moved there!

Dates for your diary

Remember that this weekend we have the Lunar eclipse, visible nearly everywhere! Will you be out watching it? It happens in the middle of the night out here in Bangkok, so I will be sound asleep!

Click to visualise the eclipse - visible nearly everywhere!

And hot on its heels we have Halloween and then Samhain:

Halloween - Wikipedia

31 October...

As Jason and quite a few others have explained - the true origin of the Halloween ceremonies (and others) has been hidden - obfuscated to cause you to willingly participate in rituals that you do not understand. Remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse...

Books of the week

This week I have a couple of books to share with you . For the first one, you will know that I am a follower of, and advocate for, Austrian Economics in place of the corrupt pseudo-science of traditional Keynesian Economics that is taught currently.

How to Think about the Economy: A Primer | Per Bylund
From the Preface ... This little book was written to accomplish something big: economic literacy. It is intentionally kept very short to be inviting rather than intimidating, as economics books typically are.

No excuses - this is a SHORT book - a quick read - and it is available free to read and listen to, or you can buy on Amazon. Consider this as the elevator summary of Saifedean's Principles of Economics that I reviewed some weeks ago.

Click for a fascinating interview

Who knew - did you?

Next: Howdie's latest video will really make you think. Yes, we have all read the book that Orwell wrote in 1948 and everyone so far everyone believed that he was writing this as a warning for the future, maybe to be applicable in 1984. Still others say he was warning of where we are now.

Howdie's insight is that Orwell was writing it to refer to the then present time of 1948 - warning that if people did not push back on the state and what it was imposing that the future in the second half of the book would unfold, as it has!

Click to have your mind open

Listen carefully as Howdie explains how he makes this claim and all his rationale - just like with The Sixth Sense and The Matrix: "once seen this cannot be unseen". He goes on to raise some bigger questions - if you have been following Jason's work (Archaix.com) in recent Closing Thoughts sections of the newsletter then you will likely have these questions on your mind too.

Interview of the week - Don't skip this one...

This is a must-listen interview of Whitney who is back home from looking after her son in hospital for three months. Listen carefully to what she says. Understand too that she has researched extensively all of the background to these recent events, in addition to the other topics that she covers in this interview.

Do not allow yourself to be manipulated into falling out with those around you. Recall the meme of last week. As Whitney explains: "It's time to walk off the chess-board". Specific talking points below:

1:26 - Clown world spirals closer to WWIII, 12:13 - Divide and conquer through “pick a side”, 19:25 - “Israel’s 9/11", 24:19 - Neocons trying to regain base, 28:21 - Financial crisis, 33:18 - CBDCs and financial cancelation, 38:17 - Luongo’s theory, 40:36 - Ending anonymity, 43:18 - Big tech vs freedom tech, 50:40 - AI, 1:07:43 - Christian Zionism, 1:21:36 - Keep your mind through the clown world, 1:31:04 - AI religion, 1:40:43 - Bitcoin is a revolution against the cyber/banking regime

It is Mandibles ahead....

Click for the review and discussion of the book

More in this issue

  • Photo memories - Around Wat Pho this week
  • Project Updates - Lightning attack and Dev Team meeting
  • Plenty of useful links - don't say nobody told you!
  • Closing out - Initiates of the Flame and more...

🛠️ Project Updates

The following are updates from some projects that I am following, supporting and collaborating with. What are you doing?

Lightning Replacement Cycling Attack

Understandably much of the chatter this week has been on the pinning attack on which Antoine broke the news. Below is the best explainer that I have found on this attack and possible options going forward. Note that some of these options have already been implemented since the attack has been known to an inner circle of developers and their vendors since last December.

How Does a Lightning Replacement Cycling Attack Work - Illustrated Primer
“A proper fix probably requires more fundamental changes.”

Click for the complete explanation and options

Bottom line: This attack isn't easy. Pulling it off involves:
- opening two channels with the victim.
- routing a payment through them.
- successfully replacement-cycling the victim's htlc-timeouts for Δ blocks.
- without the victim discovering the htlc-preimage transaction.

Despite that, the attack is also hard to solve completely and there will need to be some interesting discussion and then action to pick the best option(s) to fully mitigate this. For example here is the latest Bitcoin Optech discussion.

Another fabulous bitcoin.review

Listen to and enjoy sitting in on the bi-weekly review of the most important ongoing bitcoin projects. This is hosted by NVK and joining this week are three of the best and most active developers - thanks Ben Carman, Calle and Rijndael.

Required listening as always - the shownotes are fully comprehensive

If you are looking for a project to participate in, support or to get involved with - this is THE list!

For the Musicians among you

I have got to recommend that you check out Wavlake. This is the Bitcoin version of Spotify. It is heaven for artists. Your fans can support you with Boosts (payments in satoshis) 90% of this passes straight through to your Bitcoin wallet with a small cut to cover hosting costs. There are many testimonials of artists who have earned more using Wavlake in one month than a year in Spotify - and you get it directly in Bitcoin!

Turn up the value ⚡️

If you are a musician - check this out and give it a go

Louis and team are doing vital work - check it out and support them

Check out how Louis is enabling content creators to be really sovereign and independent of the Empire platforms. He and his company are taking concrete actions to build and strengthen the independent content platforms and to make them more resilient and persistent against unjust attacks. As a minimum check this out.

Louis and team are doing most important work - check it out

00:15 - The identity issue, 00:30 - Who owns your identity?, 00:55 - How does this negatively affect creators?, 01:35 - How does this system work?, 02:13 - Verifying my YouTube channel, 04:00 - Verifying my Odysee channel, 05:26 - Adding my support link for creator monetisation, 05:50 - How it shows up in the feed, 06:23 - Data deduplication, 09:15 - This is a work in progress - we WILL make mistakes, 09:44 - OPT OUT FUNCTIONALITY for creators who do NOT want their content viewable in this app, 10:58 - Our mission, 11:28 - Harbor's utility for whistleblowers, 12:54 - Losing is acceptable - doing nothing is not

The following are links from my NetNewswire feeds - learn, enjoy and share.

The virus is the government

In spring 2020, the UK government followed the instructions of an unelected, global organisation to impose draconian restrictions and inappropriate treatments in response to an otherwise ordinary, respiratory pathogen. As a result, 47,500 people died sooner than expected in the UK alone.

COVID-19: the virus is the government
You get what you vote for.

Click to read the article

Covid-19 was a pre-planned, globally coordinated “plandemic”. Reiner Fuellmich and his colleagues presented copious evidence of this in his 2022 Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity model trial, see here:  https://metatron.substack.com/p/reiner-fuellmichs-grand-jury-court.

Democracy is broken, just like the money

Listen to the clearest explanation you will find as to how and why the political system in western nations is fully broken. The cancer of financialisation and bureaucracy has metastasised and is now fully out of control. Politicians are using all possible tools and distractions to divide people up to fight with eachother instead of pushing back on the real cause. The current system cannot be fixed from within - it is absolutely corrupt.

A must-listen interview and explainer

Recall that I recommend Lyn's new book - reviewed here.
Recall too, Plato's warning - voice or exit.

From Amsterdam

Back in Issue 71 we listened to Balaji explain his Network State theory. In this must-listen talk that he just did for the recent Amsterdam conference he updates you to explain and demonstrate how history is running in reverse!

Must Listen - History is running in reverse - with lots of examples

And next is a must-watch explainer from Mark Moss. He explains what the International Monetary Order is and how it came about and how it is now coming apart.

Super clear explainer - you must understand this and the consequences

You ought to be watching out for Project mBridge and its implications. You will understand too the implications of, and evil plan behind, CBDCs like the Digital Euro.

Why are they doing this?

Ninja explains it to you like you should have been taught at school. How interesting that it was indeed a fundamental part of the American Constitution that only hard-money should be allowed. This was fresh from the extravagant collapses and rampant taxation of Europe and England and their attempt to impose the same on the nascent United States.

Click to watch and understand

Maverick, in his own style, explains rather clearly the implications of all of the above.

Click for a rather clear explanation

Perhaps by the time you watch this next one, the anomaly that Peter points out will have been resolved however the resolution is unlikely to be pretty...

Listen carefully to what Peter explains - think of the implications

Consider too this latest Clown Performance, reported by Peter.

Lastly, Neil explains to you all the things that happened over the weekend of Fri 13th and the Solar Eclipse - expect more this lunar eclipse weekend with Halloween and Samhain following.

All happened last weekend - did you notice or were you distracted?

🤔 Closing Thoughts

Several of my subscribers were interested and intrigued by last week's reference to Hermeticism and Hermes Trismegistus and how he pre-dated all the world religions. Well done - you know who you are! So I believe you will likely appreciate this thought-provoking treatise by Manly P Hall.

In this his seminal work, "Initiates of the Flame", Manly P Hall crafts an intricate tapestry of spiritual symbolism and wisdom that captures the essence of human civilisation's ebb and flow through history.

At the heart of this allegorical landscape lies the Sacred Flame, a metaphorical construct symbolising the divine principle within each of us and the collective consciousness of civilisations. This ought to remind you of the Divine Spark in the Kybalion and that David Icke describes in his most recent book, The Dream.

Manly P Hall claims that there is but one religion in all the world, and that is the worship of God, the spiritual Flame of the universe. This was the root the question that I asked back in Newsletter 55 - Mental Exercise of the week - do go back and re-read this!

The Initiates of the Flame Audiobook By Manly P. Hall, Mitch Horowitz - introduction cover art
Click here to read the book for free on Project Guttenberg

BTW - you can read along and have this read to you by this great video from Master Key Society - click here. It is a short read - easy for one day or a weekend.

And click below for a great explainer and summary by Agrippa's Diary. This includes the Lament of Hermes Trismegistus. We have discussed this before - also in Newsletter 55 - Thoth's Prophesy - do check this too!

Click for enlightenment

1:24 The Rise And Fall Of Civilisations, 2:53 Who Are The Initiates Of The Flame, 5:41 The Thread That Connects All Religions, 7:19 Agrippa's Commentary I, 9:00 The Lament Of Hermes Trismegistus, 14:13 Agrippa's Commentary II,
18:20 Conclusion

Giordano Bruno

In the fascinating pages of human history, occasionally there emerges a figure whose brilliant light, though extinguished by the sands of time, shines ever bright in the minds of the thoughtful.

Giordano Bruno was such a luminary, posing a question and living the answer, attempting to weave a perspective of unity from the diverse threads of religious and philosophical traditions.

And as with many who push against the boundaries of their era's understanding, he found himself in conflict, not with truth, but with those who believed they were its sole guardians. Consider this carefully and how relevant is still is today.

We have been here before - you may never have heard of Giordano Bruno

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