71 - Belfast - settling in

71 - Belfast - settling in
At the Lock Keeper's cottage

🇬🇧 V and I have spent this week around Belfast, Holywood and Bangor.   The weather has been rather typical for summer in this part of the world - generally cool, cloudy and plenty of rain showers.  But in the spaces between the showers the sun shines and it can be very pleasant in those moments!  Catch them while you can.

We will be here for a while, spending quality time with family here in Belfast.  How about you?  What are your summer plans?  Let me know and do say hello if you are nearby here in Northern Ireland - it is not such a big place.

Interviews of the week

I watched a couple of great interviews this week and I recommend them both to you.  Two very intelligent speakers share their insights with experiences from completely different backgrounds - both highly relevant to what is happening in the world today.

These are long interviews.  To enjoy them fully you want to see them without any ads; the way to do this is to use the Brave Browser - see Louis' explainer below if you still do not know this!

Consider these newsletters like a weekend magazine - you do not need to read and watch all the links in one go.  Tip: open the links in new tabs and you can check them later.  You can leave the newsletter in your inbox to check later as well and you can always find previous newsletters at https://rogerprice.me.   Like any good magazine - you can also share with friends!

Lily Tang Williams

This is a most informative and inspiring interview.  Lily Tang Williams tells her story of growing up in China under Mao's regime and how she became aware of the oppression under which she and her and her family were living and how she managed to escape to the US for a much better life - built very much in the principles of Natural Law.  She also tells how she has observed the creeping Cultural Marxism, often exemplified by woke values that has become cancerous and is metastasising in western countries.  

Listen carefully to her closing remarks.  She is certainly doing her part to push back - running for US Congress and doing her best to educate and inform all she meets.  Lily's website is also a source of useful information.

Growing Up under Chairman Mao—Lily Tang Williams
Born under Mao, Lily Tang Williams escaped the poverty and control of communism to find freedom and love in America. Now she sees the oppression she knew in her youth infiltrating the West. Lily has decided she must sound the alarm.

You might be surprised (like me) by the story that David Scott (the interviewer) recounts about the incredible state overreach that was attempted in Scotland and only got rejected by the UK Supreme Court (thankfully) - I even learned a few things about the Scottish in Hong Kong.   WAKE UP, SPEAK UP, ACT.

A simple first step that you can and must take is to sign the petition for proper debate on the amendments to the International Health Regulations - click below to petition (UK citizens)  or here for other countries.  It takes just 30 seconds to do.

Petition: Hold a parliamentary vote on whether to reject amendments to the IHR 2005
We are concerned that Parliament has not discussed and will not have a say on the 307 proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations, AND the amendments to 5 Articles of the IHR that were ADOPTED by the 75th World Health Assembly on 27 May 2022.
Sign here for UK - or find your own country here

Balaji and The Network State - Sovereign Collectives

Balaji is such an insightful and eloquent speaker - it is a privilege to be able to have access to these discussions.  Listen to his observations on the current situation.  His opinions on Blue America fighting the world and how America and India are parallels in reverse are fascinating.  Listen, learn and make your own informed decisions.  Also lots of historical insights that you likely forgot or were never taught - eg Plaza accord and its effect on Japan and China Steel production evolution.  His explainer on Conspiracy Theories is a required listen.

Click to watch the interview - super insights, analogies and explanations

Not to be outdone, Peter from What Bitcoin Did also interviewed Balaji - this too is a must-watch.  Links to sections: 00:01:47 tl;dr ‘TFTC425 The Fiat Crisis’ 00:17:00 Shift in the global world order 00:27:18 Social media = digital glasnost, crypto = digital Perestroika 00:40:47 Bankruptcy of the Bundesbank; 00:49:10 Government caused the GFC 00:59:26 Government deceit and the coming collapse 01:19:40 The end of lies? 01:29:05 A US national partition 01:35:24 Media representation of ‘news’ 02:22:17 Preparation for the coming collapse 02:34:11 ‘Network States’: startup communities

Click to watch - specific links are above

As Balaji explains, Mainstream Media and Legacy Social media have already been weaponised against the population and people need to understand (quicker) that the financial system also is and will be weaponised against them.  Next step is that the military (and militarised police) will be weaponised against you.  This is Totalitarianism and it is coming to your country sooner than you would like to believe.  Pay particular attention to all the press clips and inconvenient truths that he brings up from the fickleness and hypocrisy of political positions over the last 20 years (at least).

Fascinating: New Social Media (he says Twitter - I would say Nostr) is digital Glasnost and Bitcoin is digital Perestroika.   In case your history is bit rusty:

Glasnost, which means "openness" or "publicity" in Russian, was a policy that sought to increase transparency, freedom of speech, and openness within Soviet society. Gorbachev intended to foster a more honest and candid discussion of the country's problems and promote a more democratic atmosphere. Under glasnost, censorship was relaxed, allowing for a greater range of expression in media, literature, and the arts.

Perestroika, meaning "restructuring," was an economic reform program aimed at modernising the Soviet economy. Gorbachev recognised the need for change due to the country's stagnant economy, bureaucratic inefficiencies, and lack of innovation. The goal of perestroika was to shift from a centrally planned economy to a more decentralised and market-oriented system.

Shortly after Glasnost and Perestroika were introduced the Soviet Union collapsed ushering in an era of political freedom and self-determination, economic liberalisation and market opportunities and improved human rights; consider how this applies to the current Empire....

History repeats if you let it

And this is how they get away with the evil they do:  School of Fish strategy...


The last part of this interview is especially interesting.  Balaji concludes with his pre-announcement of 100 startups that he will be funding as part of a way forward.   This includes: Culdesac, Kift and Free Cities like Prospera among many others - he talks of Sovereign Collective as an interesting evolution of Sovereign Individual - and, our course, The Network State.

The Network State: How To Start a New Country
This book explains how to build the successor to the nation state, a concept we call the network state.

More in this issue

  • Photo memories from around Belfast and Bangor this week
  • Project Updates - an unusually interesting discovery
  • Plenty of useful links - don't say nobody told you!
  • Closing out - A fortuitous find - Roger Waters live in Prague - enjoy!

🛠️ Project Updates

Allow me what might seem like a diversion this week but I did discover something absolutely fascinating and I am sure that you do not know this.  Trust me, it's relevant!

Fungi - their own Kingdom

If I were to ask you about the categories of life on earth you would likely tell me that there are plants and animals and you might even think of bacteria.   So far, so good.  But what about fungi?  Did you realise that fungi represent a completely separate kingdom that is distinct from all the others?

So what are fungi?  You might say "mushrooms"; what you likely did not know is that mushrooms are just the reproductive parts of a much greater and more expansive whole called Mycelium.  

Mycelium is the vegetative network of hyphae (thread-like structures) that fungi use to absorb nutrients and grow. Mycelium is the collective term for all the hyphae of a fungus, forming a complex, interconnected network.  The Hyphae typically branch and grow extensively in various directions, exploring the environment in search of organic matter and nutrients. The mycelium's main function is to efficiently absorb nutrients from the surroundings and support the growth and reproduction of the fungus.

The largest known mycelium in the world is known as the "Humongous Fungus." This particular organism covers an area of approximately 2,385 acres (965 hectares) in the Malheur National Forest in Oregon, USA.  Its extensive mycelial network spans underground and is estimated to be over 2,400 years old.

What has this got to do with Bitcoin?  Read Brandon Quittem's amazing paper:

Bitcoin is The Mycelium of Money - Brandon Quittem
Foreward This is the entire bitcoin+fungi series combined into a single article. I have more unpublished material, should I turn this into a book? Let me know on twitter, my DMs are open. Also, would you like to be notified when I publish new articles? Signup here. I need to give credit to Dan Held…
Read the complete article here

Or - if you prefer there is a fantastic abridged explainer in 4 parts of 15 mins each by @EmersonSpartz.  Set aside an hour and watch these and learn

And all of the above leads into this interview of Brandon Quittem by Preston Pysh.  Listen and learn.

Click to watch and listen - a most informative interview

If you are curious about the the book they talk about at the beginning, see here.

That's it for this week.  Trust me - this is more than enough and you will be a much better person once you understand these things.  It is mind opening.

In subsequent weeks I will also be sharing a couple of fascinating insights and developments by Aleks Svetski - you may recall him from the Wake Up podcast.   First is the concept of the Great Filter (explained in part 3 above) that Aleks takes further and the second is the Spirit of Satoshi project that will take Bitcoin education to the next level.   Watch this space.

The following are links from my NetNewswire feeds - learn, enjoy and share.

Dystopia ahead - the plans are published

It should be clear to you by now that the empire will always excuse and justify its evil by saying "well, you agreed to it".   Here is yet another example.  They have clearly outlined their dystopian plans and unless governments and their (your) representatives in these Orwellian institutions push back on the nonsense it will be imposed on you and your families.  Guy explains with links to their documents.

Click to watch - then take action 

As we have discussed before:  Never forget this - and if you have not done so I recommend that you subscribe to Guy's free weekly newsletter.

Free Cities - Prospera and others

This is one of the initiatives mentioned above by Balaji.  Free Cities were envisaged in Sovereign Individual as consequence of the collapse of the western empire.  For sure it is a long road but there are alternatives.  

Listen and learn - Prospera and other places

Peter - weekly round-up

You will know by now that one of my favourite weekly listens is Peter St Onge's weekly podcast summary of his daily videos - this is already week 11!

Click to listen to Peter's weekly summary - Recommended

If you prefer to watch his daily videos - follow along here.

It has got to stop

ICYMI - Louis explains how Brave Browser reliably blocks all adverts on Youtube and does not limit your viewing.  I have covered this too before as one of the recommended tools that you must know an use - watch and enjoy:

Click to watch - just install Brave

Stop them - nearly 100 practical suggestions

Finishing up on a positive note.  Richard outlines many practical steps that everyone can and should take to demonstrate discontent with the policies that are being imposed on you by out of control bureaucracy.

Click to watch - the booklet is free to download

I was very happy to hear about this little Booklet.  It is full of practical tips and things that you can do to demonstrate your disagreement with the parasite elite plans. Click here or below to download the free booklet that he mentions.

Stop Them! - The White Rose
Together We Will End World Control – And This Is HowWe asked our supporters to write a text of no more than two hundred words about how we can stop those who believe they’re in control of the world. Responses came pouring in, and we ended up with over eighty bite-sized essays.There are two ways to…
Click for the free eBook with nearly 100 practical suggestions 

And GB News has a particularly important suggestion that everyone should take.  Just do it.

Click to watch - do sign the petition - use and require cash wherever possible

🤔 Closing Thoughts

I was happy to come across this recording - as the PSA at the beginning says:

"If you are one of those people who like Pink Floyd,
....but not Roger's politics - you can f*** off..."

Thanks, BTW, to one of my subscribers who introduced me to Pink Floyd all those years ago in Bencraft flat 42 - he will remember!

Click to watch - 2 hours of pure inspiration - you may need VPN depending on where you are

If you want the full playlist - it is here - the power of Internet!  A few highlights: Pay special attention (at 53 mins) to Sheep, and the inspiration from George Orwell's Animal Farm, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and Dwight Eisenhower's Military Industrial Complex warning.  Listen carefully to the lyrics in "Is this the life we really want"?

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No one can be told what The Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.
- Morpheus to Neo in The Matrix

Check Neo's encounter with The Architect.  Watch and understand more...

Click for the explainer
"99% of all subjects accepted the program if they were given a choice - even if they were only aware of the choice at an unconscious level"
- The Architect

You have to see it for yourself.

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