40 - Kuala Lumpur for a bit

40 - Kuala Lumpur for a bit
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🇲🇾  December already and we are now in KL for a bit - another location on our world tour of interesting potential future locations after Madeira, Mallorca and Malta as well as Bangkok,  Phuket, Chiangmai and  Hua Hin.    In fact we had quite a bit of travel to get here due to prior flight bookings and things we had to get done in Thailand.   We have really enjoyed our time in Thailand and certainly plan to spend more time there in the future - planning is in progress.   How about your plans?   Recall what we discussed in Issue 13 back in May.

Last time I was here was nearly 3 years ago.  I came on a business trip to KL and Sydney and I left my suitcase here before heading down to Australia, planning to return and pick up the suitcase on the way back on my way to Europe to visit my family.   That was in Feb/Mar 2020; in the end we got stuck in Australia till our visa was about to expire and we managed to catch almost the last flight out from Perth to HK arriving just in time for quarantine in our HK apartment.

Happy to say that I hope to be reunited with my suitcase early next week when I meet up with former colleague who has kept it safe for me - many thanks!

Also looking forward to meeting my friends and former colleagues in Malaysia this weekend and next week after the enforced separation that reduced us to online communication only - for no good or valid reason.  Likely many, if not all of you,  can empathise with this.

This weekend also marks one year of "Letters from... around the world".  With this being issue 40, I did not quite manage one per week (though I have since July).  You can read the first one here and I do encourage you to peruse them - each one contains nuggets of information and wisdom and they do form a logical sequence of exposing signs and insights.   Which is your favourite?  What have you found most useful or surprising?  Do comment below or contact me; happy to discuss.

As I said in that initial post - my intention over the last year has been to encourage you to disconnect from the matrix and live life to the maximum, focussing on what is important and avoiding participation in other peoples rituals.   I do also hope that the website can be a useful source of pointers to reliable information as well as giving guidance on tools you might need.    If you have suggestions or questions - do say.

Consider too this rather thoughtful post from Stephen, a millennial who articulates rather clearly what most people are probably wondering.  This is a first step to wakening up; next step is to stop complying with the nonsense and exit the matrix.

Click to watch - then WAKE UP and use your brain!

Never forget

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
— Martin Niemöller (source)

Neil Oliver explains rather clearly what you can and likely should do about it and he demonstrates with historical examples how this works  - together with those around you, you can stop the nonsense dead in its tracks.

In similar vein, Max's recent discussion with Richie Allen - from Nov 24th

Click for Richie's site - he is the largest independent radio presenter in Europe

People power

You have the power to stop the nonsense before it gets much worse

Books of the week

You may recall the fun that I had in the second-hand bookshop in Belfast - there is something special about physical copies of old books - especially those that are pre-WWII and earlier.  This is a fantastic book from 1953.  Most useful is that each of the 10 rules is identified and explained high level up front (in 10 minutes) before a deeper discussion on each of them in the remainder of the book.

Click for the summary and discussion of each of the rules

1. Do not worry.
2. Do not try to dominate friends and family.
3. Have moderate ambitions.
4. Do not accumulate more than you need.
5. Learn to relax
6. Cultivate a sense of humor.
7. Find a reason for your existence.
8. Never intentionally harm any person (neither with words or deeds).
9. Beware of anger.
10. Never blame others for your own mistakes.

I do recommend Master Key Society as an interesting source for readings of some landmark books from the last century - including "The Richest Man in Babylon".

This week I also reviewed George Orwell's 1984

It does seem strikingly relevant to the current situation - you could say that the only thing he got wrong was the date!  Would love to hear your views and insights - do comment below.  You might consider some of the following

Newspeak is everywhere these days.  Totalitarian propaganda attempts to unify control over all information, until reality is what the Empire says it is—the goal of Newspeak is to impoverish language so that politically incorrect thoughts are no longer possible.   You can likely think of many examples - such as changing the definition of a vaccine and all the woke vocabulary that has been introduced recently on so many topics including gender.

This is used in combination with "Doublespeak" where the real meaning is the opposite of what is suggested - this technique is used liberally in the WEF documents that you will see below - each of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) will implement the opposite of what it purports (as Whitney and Iain will explain) and you likely recall similar testimony from John Perkins - the Economic Hitman.

Click for Goodreads 1984 page and reviews

It has long been said:

You can never know if something is true or not until the Government officially denies it; then you know it is true - (source)

FTX - deeper and worse than you thought possible

There is plenty of analysis circulating on what happened with FTX and many speculations on why.  The following are from some quality sources to help you get the story straight and the channels are worth following for future work.

Joe Blogs is just a fantastic financial commentator - you should check out his channel.   In the video below he reviews the characteristics of a fraud, comparing the FTX debacle to a few well known historical examples concluding that it meets all 7 criteria of a fraud.

Click to listen to Joe's super clear analysis

So we know that FTX was set up from the outset with fraudlent intent.  Grace helpfully provides a roadmap of Sam's connections to influential US and world political players - including (of course) WEF.

Click for Grace's roadmap of connections

Next up - Upper Echelon (a superb investigative reporter) summarises the total failure of the mainstream media to cover this scam properly - in fact they are working on a completely different agenda - to cover up and suppress any discussion (a bit like they did with another recent topic).

Click to watch - You will be shocked by the hypocrisy and criminal cover-up

Lastly do listen to Whitney Webb (recommended among other things for One Nation Under Blackmail) talk with Marty and Michael giving further insights to how this took place and how blatant is the cover up and distraction.

Staggering to listen to - click and learn

⏰ Are you awake yet?  Can you see it?  Once you see it, it cannot be unseen.

Speaking of dishonest and unaccountable people

Do check out Whitney and Iain's article on Sustainable Debt Slavery.  Or you might prefer to click the image below and watch/listen to them discuss it with Marty.  Below are some timestamps that will take you directly to some of the most interesting sections - on the YT page you can find a full set of links.   Remember that this refers to the source information on the WEF own website and this has been up "on display" since 2015.   ⚠️ Recall what we discussed last week about Arthur Dent (Hitchhikers Guide) - "if you do not like it you should have said/done something before it is too late".

Click to watch and listen to the interview

14:25 - Sustainable Slavery article  20:25 - Relationship of IMF and banks  30:00 - Commoditizing everything 36:00 - Creepy speech by Mark Carney 40:30 - Ukraine is a money/weapon laundering scheme 53:25 - SDGs are going to kill far more people than they think they're saving 56:35 - Using debt against small 3rd world countries 1:05:00 - Global Commons, natural resources become owned an licensed services 1:08:45 - ESG is anti life 1:10:45 - Electric Vehicles will trap you in your city 1:29:30 - Waking people up, don't be afraid of the rabble, dismantle the narrative 1:25:15 - We have to save ourselves

Mark Moss also explains the nonsense in his own way and what you can and should do about it - watch here.

⚠️ Be very concerned - Dr Robert Malone explains

This podcast is just fascinating and disturbing (you have been warned).  A long-form discussion from the Higherside Chats with Dr Robert Malone who is the inventor or the RNA vaccine technology and he speaks rather openly about how this technology is being abused and how he (like many of us) was manipulated into participating as a part of "the machine".

Click to listen

You should also read through Dr Malone's article "The Dilemma of the Vaccinated" - it explains two important options going forward : Option A and Option B.   For now, most people are choosing Option B. We can only hope that many individuals that were coerced in taking the inoculations without informed consent will realize that Option A will increase their chances of not only improving their lives (if they are unlucky to be affected by the inoculations), but also the health of society as a whole.

The Dilemma of the Vaccinated - which option do you pick? Click to read

The Themis report that he mentions is here.  If you have been unaware how deep the corruption goes you will be amazed and shocked.  The appendices contain samples of the evidence.

Important - Click to read

You can subscribe to Dr Malone's  free newlettter here.  He also provides a full list of WEF Global leader graduates by country so you can see who is infiltrating (Klaus' own words) your country's political system.   The list is here.  

🎓 Reading, listening and learning

Below are some interesting sources that I came across, or was reminded of, in the past week - for your enjoyment and edification.

Talking of the Great Reset...

I do appreciate Neil for his straight talking and well-sourced research.  He says it like it is and give you pointers to research further if you need.

Click to watch Neil's important "walk and talk"

And a further update from Neil - And so it starts...  This links back to what Mattias Desmet explained about Mass Formation Psychosis and how ruthless individuals will exploit it.

George Gammon is another trustworthy source of information and well-informed interpretations of what they say and what they do.

Click for George's rather articulate warning

Here is the CGTN  article and link to the full interview.  You need to wake up and stop sleepwalking into oblivion.  Remember - the plans are "on display" and if you do not speak up and push back they will continue.   You will have noticed that mainstream media does not report on any of this - rather they minimise it and do all to avoid and suppress awareness and discussion on the topic.

Splinternet coming to near you soon

Recall our discussions on the importance of open, censorship-free communication.  The video below explains how the internet is becoming "Splinternet".  Talking with people in the pub and outside on hikes is certainly a good idea!

Click to watch

Anyone surprised by this?

Thanks to Joe for this super clear explainer and walkthrough of an unusually insightful and truthful article on Bloomberg.    Seems like a limited hangout to me.

Watch for Joe's super clear explanation - recommended

You can (still) read the article here, courtesy of the Way Back Machine.

⚠️ Pay attention...

This has become a regular segment in the newsletter.  Max just keeps cranking out quality well sourced material to help you understand what is going on and what you can do about it.   When you see the police kitted out below as they are in so many places and pitted against peaceful people who just want to express disagreement and seek peaceful, open discussion you ought to realise that they consider you to be the terrorists.     Click to watch - make up your own mind - an important skill.

Click to watch Max's latest Walk & Talk then make up your own mind

Related to all the above discussion, this one from Dylan sums it up fairly succinctly...

Click to watch

🤪 Finishing up on a lighter note...

This is an old one and it has been circulating for a few years - but it's a classic and so true!  A couple of these get very close to the root of the current problems.

Click to watch - so many truths in 3 minutes

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No one can be told what The Matrix is. No one can be told what The Matrix is.
You have to see it for yourself.

You have to see it for yourself.

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