43 - Nearly Christmas

43 - Nearly Christmas

🇭🇰 Another week in HK and almost Christmas.   We had better weather this week (it was not raining) but rather cold, albeit with nice clear blue skies and sunny.  With the better weather I did do my daily hike up to the Peak and back down before breakfast - highly recommended.  Nice to meet my HK Hiking Meetup buddies on the path too on on their way to Aberdeen.

The Thursday evening Bitcoin meetup got cancelled "due to cold weather" - apparently too cold to sit on the roof at IFC. In Chiangmai they have their meetup outside every Thursday without fail.  Next one in HK is Thursday 5th January - let's hope it warms up a bit for that!

We are progressing with our plans for the coming months and it looks like things are slotting into place.  Let's see how well it all stays in place - we did manage to stick to our plan pretty much during 2022.  In case you forgot, just check back the previous newsletters to catch up; I am still planning to review (at least some of) these as a read-through with screenshare and commentary - do share comments and suggestions.

Hong Kong continues to be a ghost of its former self; the Hong Kong spirt has totally disappeared - zombies walk the streets.  There has been (and likely will continue) a drip feed of apparent easing of restrictions and changing of messages but as long as mask mandate and vaccine requirement remains in place nothing changes.  Those 500,000 tourists will not come and many more folks who can will take steps to get out of the madness.  The loss of trust is deep and fundamental - it will not be quickly recovered if at all.

One thing that I do notice around HK is the crazy amount of construction under way.  During the week I got on the wrong bus and ended up having to go up through Hong Kong University; the entire place seems to be under demolition and construction.  Also SoHo in the mid levels - Elgin street seems to be entirely under construction.  Wan Chai and the harbour front - finally progressing.  Not to mention the airport where they are building a new terminal and much more it seems.   So something is planned...

There's more...holiday reading aplenty

This is a bumper Christmas Edition so read on for some important information to be aware of and on which you really should discuss with those around you.  Discuss too with your local community and politicians.    Ignoring this or pretending that "there is nothing to see" will not do you any good.   Maybe plan instead to use some of your time off over Christmas and New Year to sit back, read/watch/listen, reflect and discuss.  Feel free to reach out to me - I'm happy to discuss with you.

  • On Covid - you do need to know about the UK Parliament Debate and all the supporting evidence that piles up only to be ignored by unaccountable bureaucrats and politicians who do really seem hell-bent on destroying life as we know it.  Remember that you can help stop this madness.
  • Next up - you should be aware of the Green Dystopia that is being spun as the "next big thing that needs a coordinated global response" after the one above.   You likely did not vote for any of this nor would you support how much you will be paying for it through taxes and inflation (not to mention confiscation, bank bail-ins and haircuts and other things that are planned).
  • If all that was not enough - there does seem to be a next pandemic under planning and preparation - (recall Event 201 and what happened next); this one is called "Catastrophic contagion" and seems to be earmarked for 2024/5.
  • Returning to the topic of Money and how we are witnessing (living through) the end of the "Fiat Monetary Experiment" - you will see some more things that are "on display at the town hall" - recall Arthur Dent's realisation.

For each of these topics (and some others) I am planning to build a resource page on the website so that you can have easy access to the consolidated information and references that are spread through the newsletters of the year.

Lastly, do read to the bottom where I included a clip to help those of you who still cannot see the Matrix.

On Covid

I did hesitate to bring this topic up again since we are all well and truly fed up with it and all the political posturing around it but I wanted to be sure that you were aware of the seeming shift in awareness in UK (not yet in HK) and how this is being blatantly ignored by authorities who "play dead" on the topic.

If you are still reading here I assume you realise that the official story is not true. It should be well apparent that none of the actions that have been taken (including quarantines, lockdowns, masks and experimental vaccines) that were all contrary to decades-longstanding medical best practice have achieved anything positive - rather the opposite.   Recall the siren calls of "two weeks to flatten the curve" - and think back to all the governmental and authoritarian abuses you have seen over the last three years (yes already).   Unfortunately as you dig deeper it gets much worse.

Consider this recent "debate" in the UK parliament.   You should be horrified by the participation rate from the politicians showing no care or interest in this critical public health scandal.  Compare this with their participation to debate their payrise.  

Similar lack of interest and engagement applies to US and EU politicians. It should be apparent to you that (at best) they do not care about you and they do not want to hear your questions or concerns nor do they represent your interests and the truth could well be much worse.  The corruption runs deep and guilt is widespread.

Click to watch - 20 mins

You surely have to agree with Neil Oliver and Dr Aseem Malhotra's assessment - watch the video below - just 6mins.   Click below to watch.

Click to watch the 6 minute video from Neil Oliver

Do read Steve Kirsch's summary of his interview with Dr Malhotra - more will follow and do subscribe to his substack newsletter.

My interview with UK cardiologist Aseem Malhotra, survey results, and more
I interview Aseem Malhotra. Did you know that none of the UK cardiologists are getting any more jabs? The narrative is falling apart. Plus other big news...
Click to read and subscribe - REQUIRED READING

BREAKING NEWS: Doctors in the UK are finally speaking out - listen and share - their press release is here.

Click to watch the doctors explain their concerns to you
Dilemma of the Vaccinated

For those who are concerned about all this  - I recommend that you read Dr Malone's article "The Dilemma of the Vaccinated" - it explains two important options going forward : Option A and Option B.   For now, most people are choosing Option B. We can only hope that many individuals that were coerced in taking the inoculations without informed consent will realise that Option A will increase their chances of not only improving their lives (if they are unlucky to be affected by the inoculations), but also the health of society as a whole.

The Dilemma of the Vaccinated - which option do you pick? Click to read

Green Dystopia

Years (likely decades) in the planning, the next existential threat (after Covid)  that we are expected to believe and fear is that of Climate Change.   Do recall that Report from Iron Mountain  which concluded that war, or a credible substitute for war, is necessary if governments are to maintain power.   Climate change (previously global warming) is such a threat.

Do watch and listen to Jordan Peterson discuss the Great Climate Con with Alex Epstein - a well credentialed researcher and investigator with many publications and references in the link below the video.  

Click below for talking points and supporting information.

Energy Talking Points - 25 myths
With Hurricane Ian, the media have once again put forward the narrative that fossil fuels make extreme weather danger worse—and that fossil fuel supporters like Governor Ron Desantis are to blame.
Click to read

Climate change is real and does happen and the changes can be significant but such changes are not meaningfully influenced by human actions or CO2 levels - rather by Solar and Volcanic activity and cycles.  There have been dramatic climate shifts in recorded history (recall Maunder Minimum and the Little Ice Age of the 1600's); if anything the coming years are more likely to bring increased variability of weather along with global cooling(!) as per the 400 year cycle that it has followed for thousands of years.

Catastrophic Contagion

If all of that was not enough - you should be aware that the "powers that be" recently ran yet another pandemic preparation exercise (in Brussels in October 2022), along the lines of Event 201 (that preceded the Covid "Pandemic").   This one is seemingly "more severe", requiring ever more globally centralised and coordinated response - hence the provocative and alarming name of "Catastrophic Contagion" for the exercise.

Click for Ivor's interpretation

This too is clearly years in the planning and will extensively leverage "public-private partnership" with WEF Global Leaders in key positions to drive this forward regardless of any public opposition avoiding and suppressing all debate and discussion.

If you are wondering how bad (evil?) this might be - you likely should listen to Charlie Robinson discuss with Michael Halpern on SPARS.  The SPARS document they mention is here to read.  In the interview you will see there is discussion about the dates and how they map onto what we have been seeing.  There is some ambiguity as to how to interpret the dates in the document - this may describe the current situation or it may well describe what is planned next on the "pandemic" front; you would do well to be aware and make up your own mind.  Do not say that nobody told you.

Click to listen - video is here

Listen carefully to what they say at 12m30 and look around you today - do you see any similarity?   The video that they discuss is here.

Click to watch

Johns Hopkins wrap up information on the "project" is here - click the image below:

Click to read the summary

REMEMBER: In theory Governments should respect Consent of the Governed and the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that "The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government".   For you to decide if and to what extent governments today are acting in line with these principles. If not, what can you do about it?   Refer back to Issue 9 - section: So What can you do about it.

The Money Masters

You will recall that we have been discussing how money works and that it is an important topic that is not well taught or explained.   As we reach the end of the Fiat Money experiment the flaws become increasingly obvious.  What amazes me is that all of this was well known and documented - even in ancient times.

Money was intended to be used in exchange, but not to increase at interest. And this term interest, which means the birth of money from money, is applied to the breeding of money because the offspring resembles the parent. Wherefore of all modes of getting wealth this is the most unnatural.
- Aristotle

This wisdom is also clearly embedded in some religions.  For example Isalm forbids the collection of Interest (Riba), recognising the dangers that outweigh possible benefits.

This too was recognised by some in the US during the last century but their voices were marginalised and the wisdom suppressed.  You still find it in surprising places like we discussed back in Issue 41.   For a deeper dive into this I recommend the website below that expands on and substantiates the material in the Documentary.

THE MAIN CAUSE OF INCOME INEQUALITYBy Patrick S.J. Carmack, J.D. (2020) THE MONEY MASTERSBASEL I. In 1988 a faceless, un-elected group of bankers met in Basel, Switzerland at the Bank for International Settlements (“BIS”) – the “Central Banker’s bank”
Click to read

Bottom line - creating money as Debt and requiring Interest is the root cause of many of the problems you see around you today.  You are witnessing the end of the fiat experiment and it will not be pretty.  The question is to what extent will we be able and allowed to engineer some sort of a soft landing or will some totalitarian solution be imposed globally.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
- Benjamin Franklin

🎓 Reading, listening and learning

Below are some interesting sources that I came across, or was reminded of, in the past week - for your enjoyment and edification.  I do really enjoy these podcasts and interviews - it feels like you get to visit with and meet some of the world's best thinkers and educators around the world (even if you/I do not always agree with them)!   Listen, enjoy and learn...

Bond Markets - you never knew how interesting it could be!

As promised on my hike the other day - here is the discussion between Nik Bhatia and Saifedean.  Listen and learn how the Global Bonds and Capital markets work and what they are telling us about how things will go forward.  Fascinating interview and both Saifedean and Nik seem to have learned things from each other in it, as will you.

Click for a fascinating interview

You really will learn a lot from listening to this carefully.  Bonds are financial instruments that are not that complicated but they are widely misunderstood (or not understood at all) by most people.  Nik know what he talks about and has strong supporting data in his monthly PMI survey data.

I'm not going to go through the Twitter files - you can go and read them yourself (and you probably should).  What is more interesting is thinking about why these are being released in the way that they are.  Listen to Whitney and James discuss - click below.

Behind the Twitter Files Hype with James Corbett
In this episode, Whitney and James Corbett discuss the Twitter Files phenomenon and how the hype around it is being utilized for more than meets the eye.
Click to listen

Important to note that things can very well be quite different from what you think at first sight.

If there were to be an alternative

Zoltan Pozsar of Credit Suisse writes yet another interesting and somewhat contrarian opinion on one mechanism that likely will form part of the global reserve and international trading  currency of the coming future.   This builds on and expands on what we discussed back in March.  You might also want to check out his August article War and Interest Rates.  Even if you do not like his message - he does seem to have been right back in March about Outside and Inside Money. - his article on Bretton Woods 3 - explainer video here.  An interesting gold scenario.

Click to read - also an interesting commentary here

Oh, Ireland...

Until recently I would never have thought that this is a thing - but do listen to Dave Cullen (from Ireland), look around and form your own view.   I do hear similar views being expressed in the UK.  Feel free to comment below.

Click to watch and listen - how is this a thing?

🤔 It makes you think..

Something different to wrap up this issue.  We all like to feel that we are pretty certain about a lot of things.  As you see from above, some of the most important things that impact us every day are surprisingly not well understood or clear - rather in many cases the opposite seems to be true.

So let's look at something else - that does not impact you daily and on which you likely also believed the "official story".   Listen to Ben point out just a few examples from his recent tour in the Middle East.   This is just one of dozens of similarly surprising insights that you can glean from his channel - posted over the last few years.

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