122 - Back in Holywood

122 - Back in Holywood
Cultra Yacht Club - Holywood -back here again!

🇪🇸 🇬🇧 On Friday V and I wrapped up our stay in Mallorca for this year. We had a great time on the island and we were really happy with our apartment. I think we have got to the point now that in all of our main travel destinations we have preferred apartments. It is nice to go back to these places and it really feels like you can just pick up from where you left off last time.

Our last week started with fairly miserable weather on Sunday - perhaps to prepare us for summer in Northern Ireland? We had nice weather for the rest of the week and we made certain to get out and about to enjoy every day to the max. For those who were intrigued by the orange dust that we got on the Solstice, I've included a photograph and a couple of news articles below.

During the week I made a point of meeting up with a few Bitcoiners here in Palma - strengthening the network and sharing our wisdom - let's keep in touch!

Friday was a travel day - more on that and what's next, next week. For now I'm sharing a fascinating interview and something else you might not have known about. Also, a few of the books in my reading pile and quite a few interesting links. Just one project update this week and a couple of closing thoughts to make you think.

Interview and monologue of the week

This week I have got one of the best interviews that I have heard recently. Hrvoje interviews Teace Snyder, an independent filmmaker. This is a MUST WATCH interview. Teace expresses so clearly things that I think many of us know but maybe cannot articulate as well as he does. It really is a pleasure to listen to this sort of informed discussion as opposed to the snippets and soundbites to which everything seems to have gravitated in recent years.

Click for a great interview

Hopefully you did also watch his movie Blindfold that I shared in Newsletter #120.

And if you needed any further evidence of all of which they speak, watch Charlie's monologue below on The SPARS pandemic; as he says "this is the video that he did not want to make". The COVID-19 vaccination experiment has lit a multi-year fuse on the population of the world, the results of which are already becoming impossible for the media to deny and the world to ignore. People are dying from the shot. That is undeniable and no longer able to be shrugged off as just “conspiracy theory” by a bunch of "anti-vaxxers".

What might they be planning next? Click below to inform yourself - if the video will not play (the empire is trying to restrict access to this information) there is an audio-only backup here.

Click above to watch Charlie's explainer and click here for the SPARS documentaudio backup here

Where did all the people go? The interview with Michael Halpern that Charlie talks about is also well worth a watch. Click here for the Deagel Report.

In my reading pile

Below are a few of the books in my reading pile - I plan to get to all of these over the summer and for sure there will be quite a few others - I am always on the lookout for things that everyone should be aware of.

  • The Most Dangerous Superstition - by Larken Rose. What you read in this book will, in all likelihood, go directly against what you have been taught by your parents and your teachers, what you have been told by the churches, the media and the government, and much of what you, your family and your friends have always believed. Nonetheless, it is the truth, as you will see if you allow yourself to consider the issue objectively. Not only is it the truth, it also may be the most important truth you will ever hear.
  • Thinking and Destiny - by Harold W Percival is a philosophical work that explores the nature of human existence, consciousness, and the purpose of life. Percival argues that thoughts are the real creators of one’s destiny and that the mind has immense power in shaping reality. The book delves into the concept of the Triune Self, consisting of the Knower, the Thinker, and the Doer, each playing a crucial role in personal development. It discusses the eternal nature of the soul and the process of reincarnation, emphasising moral and ethical living. He explores the interconnectedness of all beings and the universe, advocating for a life aligned with truth and higher understanding.
  • 180° Unlearn the lies you've been taught to believe - by Feargus O'Connor Greenwood. Stop for a moment and take a look at the world around you. Does everything seem normal? Or is it all upside down? Do you think this is happening just by chance? And if it isn’t, wouldn’t you like to know what is really going on? To get back to the truth we need to invert the inversions. 180° is not just an angle, it is an answer; a total perspective and a set of solutions. No one said getting to The Golden Age was going to be easy. That journey begins with questioning everything you have been taught to believe.
  • Where did the towers go? - by Judy Wood. A proper scientific analysis of the destruction of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001. Wood, a materials science engineer, argues that the towers were not brought down by the impact of airplanes and resulting fires alone, but by something that resulted in "dustification" of the buildings - once seen you cannot unsee it. How did you miss it till now? She examines the physical evidence, including the dust and debris patterns, the near-complete pulverisation of the buildings, and the anomalous effects on surrounding structures. She calls for a re-examination of the 9/11 events and urges readers to question official narratives and seek truth based on scientific inquiry.
  • Evidence of Old Word by Jon Levi and David Edward. They argue with extensive evidence from 1800's San Francisco that advanced ancient civilisations existed long before mainstream history acknowledges. They reinterpret archaeological evidence, suggesting that global cataclysms destroyed these civilisations, leading to lost knowledge and a reevaluation of historical timelines. They challenge conventional narratives, advocating for an open-minded approach to history and archaeology.

If you have insights on these do say and I'm always open for other suggestions. What's in your reading pile?

More in this issue

  • Photo memories - our last week in Palma
  • Project Updates - A great discussion on OP_CAT - what do you think?
  • Plenty of useful links - don't say nobody told you!
  • Closing out - Morphic fields and the meaning of life

🛠️ Project Updates

Just one update this week - but it is rather important and may well have far-reaching implications.

Is the Cat out of the bag?

Let's start with a fascinating discussion hosted by NVK. You will be aware that there is a lot of discussion about how (or even if) any updates to Bitcoin functionality should be introduced. I am on the side of extreme caution and conservatism here but I am also ready to listen to all reasoned arguments.

This discussion gives you such an in-depth analysis for the OP_CAT op code that Satoshi removed for good reason. They give you all that history plus a discussion on what it would enable if re-introduced and also how we could be sure that it is safe to do so.

Click for notes and the meeting recording

My conclusion is that I could support this - though I would not at this stage go further to Great Script Restoration or even any one of the specific covenant types (since they could all be enabled by OP_CAT). One step at a time.

Questions remain as to the method of activation - with most likely options being Flag Day or Speedy Trial - I do not yet have a view on that and will listen to further informed discussions that likely will ensue if/when the PR is proposed.

The following are links from my NetNewswire feeds - learn, enjoy and share.

Further to our discussion on The Control Group

Following on from our discussion on the Control Group in Newsletter #120, this is yet another local initiative that is rejecting the Globalist Agenda and taking back control locally. Please listen to the video below to learn about ippocrateorg. You will likely recognise that they are doing what Ahmed Ammous also explained.

The Organization Changing Medical Practices in Italy

Click to read, watch and share with others who would benefit

Over the past four years, this amazing organization has set up a parallel system for health and wellness, which is truly making a difference for both patients and medical professionals.

Let me know - are you now also in The Control Group or are you still in the herd?

News from Belfast

Don't miss Jeffrey's long overdue catch-up conversation with cartoonist Bob Moran. They discuss the UK General Election, Gaza, Nigel Farage and much more. All of this is likely very relevant and pertinent for many of my subscribers and even me for a bit since we will be in Belfast for a while.

Bob Moran in Conversation
Today I had a long overdue catch-up conversation with cartoonist Bob Moran. We discussed the UK General Election, Gaza, Nigel Farage and much, much more.

Click for the interview and notes

While you were distracted

Listen as Jessica explains how the empire has been progressing its evil plan while keeping you distracted with all the nonsense that you see all around you. People are becoming increasingly aware of the dystopian and tyrannical properties of CBDC and the trust in governments is surely at an all-time low.

CBDCs are designed to restrict what you can do with your money. Wake up. When you hear about Nigeria, remember that the population of Nigeria is about the same size as the EU. Why do you think they are so keen to test it there?

Embracing diversity, advancing together - results of the 2023 BIS survey on central bank digital currencies and crypto
Ninety-four percent of surveyed central banks are exploring a central bank digital currency (CBDC). The survey suggests that central banks are proceeding at their own speed, taking diverse approaches and considering different design features.

Click to read the report yourself

You can be certain that they will engineer some false-flag crisis to force you to accept it (Covid was a test). If you want to be able to opt out, you must be aware and have alternatives.

Meanwhile in Japan

In case you have been struggling to understand what's happening with the Japanese Yen recently, click below for the complete explainer by Arthur Hayes. TLDR - the wheels are coming off and the empire has invented yet another way to lie and try to prevent anyone seeing it.

(Any views expressed in the below are the personal views of the author and should not form the…
I have just finished the first book, “Red Mars,” in a trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson. One of the characters, a Japanese scientist named…

End of empire times require end of empire actions and deception

Financial Enslavement - are you seeing it yet?

People are slowly starting to realise and understand that a corrupt kleptocracy, orchestrated by unelected private interests, has taken control of much of the world through a staggering monetary scam: our dysfunctional current monetary system.

Financial Enslavement: A Perspective on Modern Slavery
People are slowly starting to realize and understand that a corrupt kleptocracy, orchestrated by unelected private interests, has taken control of much of the world through a staggering monetary scam: our dysfunctional current monetary system. In the West, we do not live in so-called “representative democracies,” but under the yoke of a kleptocracy, imposing an insidious form of economic slavery. These oligarchs form a power pyramid: just below this minority of private interests holding the majority of mega-companies, resources, and wealth, we find the various “clubs” of globalist organizations, central banks, and large commercial banks. The primary tool for exercising this illegitimate control is the “public/private partnership,” which has captured nation-states, political bodies having no real influence over decisions despite the theater and circus presented to citizens to distract their attention from what is happening behind the scenes.

A great article to inform yourself and others

Jurisdictional arbitrage - The Sovereign Individual playbook

More and more people will be asking themselves the same question and not just about the UK. This is one of the best and clearest explanations that I have seen with specific pointers that you will need, for the UK at least.

Click to watch, learn and share

The devil is in the detail and the empire does not make it easy - recall that we are living through chapters 10 and 11 of The Sovereign Individual.

Wise words from Grace

She's right - the lunacy is out of control. But pay attention to the technology that they are testing - that of slowing and stopping electric vehicles as they enter particular zones. Smart Cars for Stupid People indeed.

Pay attention to what is happening behind the lunacy

🤔 Closing Thoughts

This week I have a couple of closing thoughts. The first is a follow-up to our discussion last week about Rupert Sheldrake's work on Morphic fields and what that might imply. After that we will consider the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything - the answer might well surprise you.

Morphic Fields and Resonance

I know that people have short attention spans and that when I recommend a book or a long article many are loathe to make the effort. So it is that I recommend this SHORT explainer of some of Rupert's work that we discussed last week.

Among other things you will see:

  • Blue tits demonstrate learning and collective memory far from source
  • Telepathy and the feeling of being watched can be explained
  • Dogs can and do predict when to expect their owner to arrive
  • The Interconnectedness of all things

A short explainer - just watch it and share

The meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything?

You may (or may not) have been pondering on this question. Perhaps "the answer is 42" or perhaps Alan Watts is onto something with this wisdom from the early 1970's. Recall what we have discussed before about all the religions.

A golden oldie from Alan Watts - listen and learn - my thoughts are below

This is the clearest and most concise explanation of the Yugas that I have heard. The thing I always struggled with is the duration of "millions of years". An alternative perspective occurred to me from studying Jason's work (Archaix).

Jason points out that in ancient writings the Shar is often misinterpreted as a year instead of a "turning of the stars" meaning a day. You ought be aware that originally there were 360 days in a year (hence all the measurement systems - we discussed this with supporting evidence back in Newsletter #100) and that this changed in 713 BC when something happened changing it to 365.24 days.

Let's re-consider the Ages being measured in days that are part of 360-day years - and this is what you get - a complete cycle of 12,000 years sounds quite possible to me:

  1. Krta Yuga (Golden Age):
    • Considered the age of truth and perfection
    • Dharma (righteousness) is said to stand on all four legs
    • Humans are thought to be at their most virtuous and spiritually aware
    • Lasts 1,728,000 "years" or perhaps 4800 years of 360 days
  2. Treta Yuga (Silver Age):
    • The second age in the cycle
    • Dharma is reduced by one quarter
    • Some vice and dishonesty begin to appear
    • Lasts 1,296,000 "years" or perhaps 3600 years of 360 days
  3. Dvapara Yuga (Bronze Age):
    • The third age
    • Dharma is reduced to half its full strength
    • Decline in virtue and spiritual practices continues
    • Lasts 864,000 "years" or perhaps 2400 years of 360 days
  4. Kali Yuga (Age of Darkness)
    • the fourth and final stage in the cycle
    • "Kali" means strife, discord, or contention
    • It's described as the age of darkness, ignorance, and moral decline.
    • Kali Yuga lasts 432,000 "years" or perhaps 1200 years of 360 days
  5. Cycle progression:
    • Each subsequent Yuga is shorter and marked by greater moral and spiritual decline
    • The transition from one Yuga to another is gradual
  6. Proportions:
    • The four Yugas follow a ratio of 4:3:2:1, with Kali Yuga being the shortest
  7. Total cycle:
    • One complete cycle of all four Yugas is called a Mahayuga
    • A Mahayuga lasts 4,320,000 "years" or perhaps 12,000 years of 360 days

So - what do you really think? Let me know. Happy to discuss.

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