121 - Holiday reading

121 - Holiday reading
Plaça Del Progrés, Palma De Mallorca

🇪🇸 We are nearing the end of our stay here in Mallorca for this year. We still have a while to enjoy here but it begins to feel like "end of term" - can you still remember that?

Monday, V and I had an early start. We did another great outing on the Motorbike Trikes. We toured around the SW of the island - it was great fun - highly recommended. Tuesday was a nice bitcoiner lunch meetup.

On Wednesday evening we had the Mallorca Bitcoin meetup with many of the folks back from BTC Prague; it seems Prague was great conference. You meet so many interesting people at meetings like this and make such useful connections. Bitcoiners are some of the most interesting and best people to meet as you travel around the world. Coming here in July: Mallorca BTC Conference

Thursday was the Solstice - longest day of the year; maybe unrelated (or not?) but we woke up to everything being covered in orange dust. From now on the days are getting shorter. Still to come: watch out for lunar eclipse 17-18 Sep, solar eclipse 2 October and yet another lunar eclipse on 17 October.

It was nice to get quite some feedback after last week's newsletter. Indeed there is a lot of information in each issue - maybe more than you can deal with in a single reading. RELAX - consider these like weekend magazines. Leave them and come back to them - you can always find the previous issues on the website and do try the Search. Which is your favourite newsletter or location?

Book of the week

You might recall that we discussed Fungi and Mycelium about a year ago. I recommend that you check back in Newsletter 71 to refresh your mind on what we already uncovered - they are truly amazing.

71 - Belfast - settling in
🇬🇧 V and I have spent this week around Belfast, Holywood and Bangor. The weather has been rather typical for summer in this part of the world - generally cool, cloudy and plenty of rain showers. But in the spaces between the showers the sun shines and it can be very

Click to refresh your memory on Mycelium

Following on from that, I was happy to finally get hold of Merlin Sheldrake's definitive book and I have got to recommend that you do too. This is a great read for the summer.

Your first book for summer reading - click here

Merlin's book led me on to this and what a fabulous find! Stephen Axford has a unique expertise in macro images and time-lapse photography of fungi. The beauty and scientific accuracy of Stephen’s fungi photography have captivated national and international media, fungi experts and the general public. This is a MUST WATCH.

You must watch this - enjoy

More Books please!

By popular request I'm sharing a few more recommendations. Below is a selection of classics for you to consider, along with links to my and other reviews of them - all of these are strongly recommended, if not required reading. Even if you have read these before, if it's more than a couple of years ago you might want to read them again now.

Recommended - books that I have read and you should too

  • Animal farm - by George Orwell - note how the pigs end up living in the farmhouse exceeding all the worst behaviour of the farmer and how the constitution on the wall changes.  Things did not end well for loyal Boxer.
  • George Orwell's 1984 - spot the drumbeat of hostile distant foreign empires and perpetual war - not to mention everything else that he foresaw. Read it and look around you today.
  • Brave New World by Aldous Huxley- A World State, inhabited by genetically modified citizens and an intelligence-based social hierarchy. The novel anticipates large scale psychological manipulation and classical conditioning that are combined to make a dystopian society which is challenged by just one individual who does not take the Soma.
  • Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. The story takes place in some post-crisis world where trust in governments and countries has broken down and the world is made up of territories controlled by various corporations - each of which has their own "passport" and rules.  The inhabitants of the world spend their time "living" in the Metaverse (yes - he did coin that term).  Of course there is some sort of computer virus that strikes and threatens to end everything - you can imagine how things develop.
  • The Fourth turning is Here - full review in Newsletter 118
  • The Falsification of History - full review in Newsletter 114
  • Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins independently corroborates all that you read in The Creature from Jekyll Island and listen to the book club discussion on it here. Eustace also wrote "Murder by Injection" - needless to say, this is particularly relevant to explain what happened in recent years.
  • The UnCommunist Manifesto by Aleks Svetski and Mark Moss - a message of Hope, Responsibility and Liberty for all.  This is a book that you can read in a day or so but you will want to go back and re-read things and reflect further.
  • Anatomy of the State by Murray Rothbard is foundational to all the above and since it is freely available and just a one hour read - you have no excuse!
  • The Dream by David Icke - this gets my "Book of the Year" award. You will be shocked and appalled at how accurate his predictions were for what happened with Covid and that is only Chapter One.  He goes MUCH FURTHER.  He may or may not be right on everything he says, but even if he is right on 10-20% the implications should make you think very differently on many things.  Anyone with a bit of critical thinking in their head should be able to see many of the points he makes - the evidence is all around you. Note that David is on tour in the UK this autumn - even in Belfast!
  • The Power of Now by Eckhard Tolle - full review in Newsletter 65
  • The Kybalion by Three Initiates - Hermeticism is a philosophical and spiritual tradition that is based on the teachings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, a legendary figure who is often associated with the Egyptian god Thoth and the Greek god Hermes, pre-dating all modern religions. This will lead you to the Lament of Hermes (aka Thoth's Prophesy) that I suggest is rather relevant to current times.
  • Awaken The Immortal Within by Jason Breschears - This book is for those who have searched for the truth all their life and know they have not found it. The rest of you are warned away.

Next week I will share some of the books in my reading queue that I plan to read over the summer. Happy to hear about your recommendations too - let me know!

More in this issue

  • Photo memories - Still in Palma this week
  • Project Updates -Hands on demos: Cashu, Mutiny and Fedimint - all working together
  • Plenty of useful links - what is hidden and how to recognise false flags
  • Closing out - Beyond the mind and thinking clearly

🛠️ Project Updates

This week I am focusing on a couple of hands-on updates that show you how to make use of bitcoin to make purchases or to do transactions with others. What is your experience and what are your questions and suggestions?

Cashu - a complete walkthrough

This tutorial walks you through how to set up and use the Cashu.me Bitcoin wallet, which gives you access to simple, cheap and private Bitcoin transactions - without the need for an app store! Try it yourself at this link.

Click for the A-Z explainer and step by step walkthrough (starts at 7 mins)

Buying with Bitcoin - easier and easier

Tony shares his experience of making a larger purchase using Bitcoin over Lightning. This also involved using Fedimint to provide the extra liquidity without any need for channel management - nice.

Bitcoin Case Study - Buying an Ebike with Ecash
I recently bought a new ebike from MOD Bikes. Here’s a closer look at the integrations that made this purchase special.

Click to read - it is getting easier and better

It is all coming together and the smarter business folks as well as many individuals already begin to realise that they should indeed prefer to be paid in a harder money than their local Fiat. As for me, I will always pay in bitcoin if available and for any payment to me I will always accept bitcoin.

Another easy way to get started. When you are out with friends for drinks or dinner, one person can - pay the bill with cash or card and the others pay him/her their share in bitcoin. This approach has many benefits as you will see when you think about it and when you try it for yourself.

The following are links from my NetNewswire feeds - learn, enjoy and share. Where possible I will increasingly include Odysee links rather than YT where possible for reasons described below.

Click for the FAQ explainer - specific concerns here

YT is indeed becoming ever more toxic and tyrannical - details here. You should understand why it is important to have and use Parallel Systems.

How interesting - great to have alternative perspectives

We have discussed Ethical Skepticism quite a few times over the years and I do feel is it most important to watch and listen to things that challenge your understanding. You do not need to agree with it all but some things may well seem, and even be, more true than what you have been told so far. To fail to consider such information is to live in your own echo chamber or "cave" - remember what we have discussed about "exiting the cave".

Dmitry Orlov discusses the state of the world and suggests that we have passed the turning point. He sees that the West is collapsing on itself and the rest of the world is simply ignoring it and moving on. The US elections are a clown show and the US is going to slowly collapse. He doesn't believe there will be a Third World War. He comments on Russian sanctions and the West's confiscation of Russian assets, the shuffling in the Kremlin's cabinet, the future of Ukraine, the multipolar world, Unitcoin, and how Washington's strategic initiative to dismember Russia will fail. His biggest fear is China losing access to cheap energy which would affect the entire world.

In not-unrelated vein, consider Vladimir Putin's Address at the Plenary Session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2022. You should resist your urge to delete or skip this - rather listen to what he said two years ago then compare that with what has happened versus what you were told by your own Politicians.

Click to watch - of course your mainstream propaganda sources do not want you to see this

Just in case your propaganda sources do not let you know anything about this next one, you might want to read below and consider it and contrast that with whatever your government is proposing (if anything) or what they are just doing without any consent from anyone.

Putin’s Peace Proposal Breakdown!
Putin outlined his proposal for peace in Ukraine, and it sounds pretty reasonable. -Ukraine must maintain neutral status -Ukraine must remain nuclear-free -Full demilitarization/denazification -Russian territories acknowledged -Formal international agreements

Click to know what you have probably not been told

False Flags - forewarned is forearmed

Open your eyes and recognise these deceptions and help others to see them too. A great interview of Ole by Sarah - listen, learn and share.

Sarah Westall: Identify Methods, Actors and False Flag Clues
https://media.lightonconspiracies.com/lightonconspiracies/videos/Sarah Westall/SarahIdentifyFalseFlags.mp4 To Access the Membership Lounge, please choose your perfect option below.

Another knock-out interview of Ole, this time by Sarah

If you find this hard to believe, Ole has all the supporting documentation on his site. Check it yourself - you know that the mainstream media and your government lies to you on everything else, so why would it be telling you the truth on this? Ole gives an important call to action - what are you doing about this?

The Elephant in the Room

It's time we saw who really holds the power instead of screaming at the very puppets they put out there to taunt you. The Puppet Masters have them all blackmailed and they are happy to perform for cash and confidentiality.

Click above and educate yourself here

Rather good advice from Richard

Richard reminds you of the importance of documenting what is going on around you as we live through these times. Best is in a proper physical journal or diary - whatever is online can be deleted and updated without your knowledge or consent.

Keep a diary/journal - just DO IT!

Reminder from Madeira

Some people were intrigued to know more about Bill Perkins' book that I mentioned last week and which I had discovered when I was in Madeira during the Covid crimes. I recommend that you listen to Ali's explainer - he does it better than I could - click below.

Listen, learn and take action accordingly

🤔 Closing Thoughts

A couple of closing thoughts again this week. First is a nice introduction to Rupert Sheldrake's theory of Morphic fields and consciousness; don't be too quick to dismiss these things. And then Jon is back with another rather clear explainer of things that are really clear if/when you stop to think about them.

Beyond the Mind

In this episode Rupert Sheldrake (Merlin's father), biologist and author, debunks the standard view that the mind is nothing but brain activity and argues that our mind is extended in every act of visual perception.

Interesting story of the failure of the "forced education" on visual extramission. Scopasthesia is really quite common - how come? How interesting that "practical people" consider it as obvious and common-sense while "the experts" dismiss and vilify it. This seems to be another area where you are not even allowed to discuss it! It is well known all over the world and proper scientific experiments demonstrate it but you are not allowed to accept it! As he explains, the implications of this go beyond that the empire want you to know.

Click for a great intro - he is clearly on to something

If you are intrigued by all this, Rupert has a page where you can participate in the experiments and learning directly. Also you can go deeper in this follow-up and recent interview - click below - it is fascinating.

What a great interview - it will really open your eyes and mind

And while I was writing this newsletter, I came across this one - it's recommended:

Click for great explanation - we have talked before of Akashic Records - and try this next

Jon seems right - WDYT?

We first begin by exploring the "last Chinese mosque". It has now been converted into a Chinese looking building - why would they do that and might they have done this to other things too? Also a look at a palace in Amsterdam that was demolished. In part 2 we look at a plasma ball that was captured on film and how this may relate to our luminaries. In part 3 we look at old maps and towers that Jon enjoys sharing several times a year. Part four is a good summary and he suggests should have been placed at the beginning - WDYT?

Click to watch - it's obvious once you see it

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No one can be told what The Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.
- Morpheus to Neo in The Matrix
How to escape the matrix - do you see it yet?
"99% of all subjects accepted the program if they were given a choice - even if they were only aware of the choice at an unconscious level"
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